Number 1!

i’m kinda new at this thing called blogging so bear with me. for the longest time (since i was in 5th grade), i’ve always kept diaries. those diaries i swapped with my closest friends. i guess that was a primitive version of the blog. but online blogging? this is a first for me. so welcome me to your world, bloggers! oooh, kinda sounds weird no? bloggers…sounds like boogers…haha…sorry, don’t mean to sound gross. i’m not gross at all (at least in my opinion). anyway, so since this is my first post, i decided to name it as “number 1”.

number 1 is something i’ve always aspired for, but didn’t really end up achieving. even when i was young, i’ve always wanted to be the best in something. eventually, however, someone who’s better than i am at that thing i wanted to be an expert in, always shows up. so, i had to learn to be a little bit more laid back, or else i might die a frustrated hag, won’t i? still, i strive to be number 1, in my own way, giving myself enough leeway for all the unforeseen & those which are foreseen yet are beyond my control (a.k.a. fortuitous events). i’ve learned that what’s more important than the results is actually one’s efforts. like what my dad would sometimes tell me, “let your efforts count as rewards in themselves”.

through the years, my concept of being “number 1” has constantly evolved. in UP JPIA, we used to call that as our “tradition of excellence” (btw, congrats to UP JPIA! it’s once more the most outstanding local chapter in the philippines…so proud of you guys!). in P&G, it’s what’s known as “passion for winning”. and i guess, now that i’m in UP law, i’m among those who struggle each day to eventually become a lawyer who will practice law in a “grand manner”.

but it’s summer, and from all the strivings, i just wanna take a month’s hiatus (or two perhaps). i just wanna rest (i’ve been studying so hard all year long). and that is just what i’m doing. i’m currently in a recluse – away from everyone and am asking God if i am indeed in the right path. yes, after this break, i hope to be recharged to strive hard towards a goal once more, but i no longer want nonsensical hard work. hmmm…i think i ought to ask God to refocus my gaze towards that purpose which He’d want me to pursue…


One thought on “Number 1!

  1. Likha says:

    welcome to the blogger’s world! been doing it for years now…but using a nom de plume. having your real name in a blog is like running around campus naked…without masks or uling.


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