summer – not really a bummer

it’s been a week since the official start of my first summer as a law student. and so far, what have i accomplished?

1. celebrate my 26th bday with a bang – oh well, not really with a bang. just a simple get-together with some blockmates, college bestfriends, former officemates, churchmates, neighbors & family. i also invited my highschool bestfriends (the ones who are single & whom i felt cld make it) but they weren’t able to go. (awww…) still, had a lot of fun in my party (and i’m not just saying this coz it was my party) i think the guests also enjoyed themselves coz we had some live music (thanks to ron & my singer friends) & some booze. we partied till 3:30 a.m.

2. cleaned the house – first thing i did was to empty our ref of the “dead things” i found there. one of my housemates left a bunch of rotten fishes & shrimps in the vegetable container. and there was water (mixed with stinking fish blood). it was really gross. grabe, i almost puked. but tiniis ko na lang. i also cleaned our bathroom & scrubbed the floor tiles using this cleaner called Mr. Muscle and i wanna plug it coz it’s such a good product. from a yellowish color, napaputi ulit yung tiles and i did very minimal scrubbing lang. i also organized my school stuff last sem, stacked them neatly in plastic envelopes & placed ’em underneath my bed.

3. watched my mom graduate from her pHd – i’m just so proud of my mom. she finished her phd in microbiology with a gradepoint average of 1.4something. so she now has a double doctorate. (gee, my folks are really pretty tough acts to follow). i was her official photographer as she marched in the UPLB university grad last saturday. i felt even prouder as everyone cheered her on & applauded (she was the most applauded graduate coz she was the last person to be called up the stage and everyone was just relieved that the rites were about to end soon). we had a simple family dinner with relatives from my dad’s & mom’s side after the program. actually, due to the rarity of such affairs, that family dinner made my weekend. (to think i used to just take my family for granted when i was younger)

4. tutor my sister – she’s taking her math 11 in UPD and i’m helping her do her assignments everyday. can’t believe i still remember factoring all those perfect & imperfect squares and those cubes. to think the last time i solved those things was around 8 1/2 yrs ago pa! but it’s okay, weird as i am, i love math & used to be pretty good at it anyways. too bad, math & accounting aren’t really the same animals.

5. update the PVO egroups – this is in line with my duty as pubcom head of paralegal volunteers organization. i attended the last general assembly of paralegal volunteers organization, and got elected. wasn’t rly expecting that coz i still have some pending requirements (specifically the leadership training seminar) in order to become a full-pledged member.

6. preliminary work for Bar Ops Team F150 – F stands for Finance, 150 for the P150K we need to raise to help achieve a 100% passing rate for UP law. sharon, my co-head & i have already planned our strategies to achieve such an objective. we’ve already done our marketing letters na rin. just a little fine-tuning of some details and it’s ready for release. tomorrow, we’re meeting w/ our staff so we cld delegate some of the work na.

7. bond w/ friends i haven’t seen for some time – i was so happy last thursday when i got to meet up with bambi, cynthia & sophie (former officemates) to catch up on the latest on each others’ lives. cynthia & still have an upcoming dinner/lunch appointment next week. i rly missed that girl coz she was my team mate before. actually i miss almost all of my former officemates. in fairness, i had better than average relationships with most of them (especially the ones from modern retail). i also had coffee with jober, lai, ralph & mariz (ralph’s gf). never a dull moment with my college best friends coz topics range from lovelife to our current professional pursuits to our future plans to reminiscing about college to corny jokes to deep & profound matters on faith & life, and even about the most serious issues we have in life. i even stayed overnight in lalai’s apartment. the following day, i had lunch with my best bestfriend miharu at soulfood. we didn’t only feed our souls but also our spirits. and last night, i had a late night rendezvous w/ zih, nff claire & kils, some of my highschool bestfriends whom i’m still closely in touch with. haven’t seen these guys for over 2 months! seeing them makes going home to LB more worthwhile.

8. watch movies – if you wanna be inspired, watch “finding neverland” (it could also be quite boring din, kinda slow-paced for me). if you want a thinking movie, go see “the interpreter” (you also need to interpret the dialogues & analyze the scenes as you watch the film, otherwise, it’d be difficult to understand the plot). if you wanna just be entertained, watch “guess who”, it’s one of the better comedy films i’ve seen in a long time. the best part about watching these movies was that i got to watch 2 out of the 3 films for free. haha. nice thing about being single. guiltless multiple dating.

9. charivari practice – ooops, i still haven’t memorized the grad song pala! yikes! there’s still time tonight.

10. apply for a job at the IILS – i wanna learn & earn at the same time so i’ve already finished updating my resume. i’ve already sent the soft copy to my friend who works there. i’ll also send a hard copy to ’em next week.

11. wrap up the case i filed against the towtruck agency – long story, i’ll tell this some other time.

12. and of course, i always see to it that every morning after i wake up, i spend sometime to read my devotional & the Bible, pray & ask the Lord to direct my day. and boy does this work in keeping me energized. 🙂

indeed, it has been a busy but fun & fulfilling week. aside from continuing the aforementioned (except for , still, there are lots of things i wanna do this summer. stuff like:
1. go to the beach or to any resort with any of my set of friends
2. have a fitness regimen (i plan to jog at dusk whenever i can)
3. finish my extra-curricular commitments (Bar Ops specifically)
4. renew my professional license as an accountant – actually, i don’t think renew is the right word here. i never practiced my being a CPA. after passing the exam, i went off to sell laundry detergent for a living (and become a corporate slave…actually seems like a lifetime ago). a friend of mine tells me that nowadays, with the prevalance of continuing professional education, i’ve to get some courses / units in accounting. yikes.
5. revew Consti 1 stuff – coz i’m afraid i didn’t really “learn” a lot there.
6. get the rest of my grades – i’m crossing fingers & toes & praying rly, rly hard that
7. get a snapshot of my subjects next sem – so that i won’t get lost in the discussions. just some light reading
8. practice singing – malay natin, i get to have a shot at joining something pala. who knows? (yeah right, dream on. as zih & kils would say, star complex na naman ako). better ready than not. 🙂
9. follow up on my job applications
10. work on a project for Gabriella – together with some PVO peeps, i’ll be mtg with them tomorrow afternoon after our charivari practice

some would say i have my hands full. but i think it’s just a matter of keeping myself busy (helps me not to indulge myself in delusional, non-productive and at times destructive thoughts). multi-tasking is highly achievable if one learns the art of time management so as to minimize, if not eliminate, dead time (oh, it’s a continuous learning process, especially with the temptations to procrastinate).

as for burn-out, which is also likely to happen, i think it’s important to have ample amounts of rest (i don’t think rest & recreation are not synonymous to dead time) & to be grounded on one’s sources of motivation & energy. related to burn-out, it would be quite fitting to ask: how does one strike a balance between being as productive as he could be versus having hands, which are too full? actually, i can’t really answer that Q yet. striking a balance is something i’ve been attempting to do time & again. for those interested, i’ll let you know when i’ve already found the formula. (if there is indeed one…you think one does exist? get back to me when you’ve some answers too)

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