lessons for me today:

1. it’s not easy to beg for money (in the case of bar ops. and i think i may have already run out of pa-cute skills now).

2. neither is it easy to earn some for myself (i’m broke, still haven’t received my salary for this month yet i’m uncomfy with the idea of asking money from my mom.

3. bronchitis takes a long time to heal. (and the meds are really expensive at P95 per tablet)

4. i could afford to slack off (& sleep well) every other friday night. (thanks to immunity in torts!)

5. it’s REALLY better to be alone than to be badly paired. (a.k.a. i don’t like him anymore!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!? oh well, it comes & it goes, i wouldn’t trust it. still, this affirms that it’s really so difficult to find a good guy out there. got reminded of this, as well, when i had dinner with a schoolmate who’s struggling as to WON she ought to break up with her boyfriend who might be philandering. i told her, with breach of trust, there will always be a presumption of unfaithfulness. therefore, the burden of proof ought to rest on the boyfriend who performed “tortious acts” – those that breached his “legal duty” to just stick to one. question is, what now if the boyfriend fails to reach that necessary quantum of proof?)

6. isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? (case in point: just when i thought my part-time job was pretty boring, they gave me SOMETHING to do. i’m tasked to create this position paper on a confidential matter….shhhhh….which requires knowledge in project development, banking, public & private international law…and i’m just a sophomore law student)

7. check out: http://www.postsecret.blogspot.com …there’s this funny secret there that got me laughing so hard last night. (kaso, yung iba nga lang dun, sad). enjoy!!!


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