picture this. the ever-torpe guy you’ve super liked (hindi lang basta like! understatement pa nga yan eh!) for months tells you out of the blue that he’s going to watch a movie alone. he notices how stressed out you are (and you are really, truly stressed out) and he tells you to relax. you want to go with him…though he didn’t really ask you out (e, torpe nga eh! tipong the guy who’d take a decade…literally!…just to make a move on someone he likes…assuming arguendo that he does like you)…well, you could always say, “sama ako!” hindi ba? grab the chance! carpe diem! but your boss suddenly has a deadline for you to beat. so you can’t go. soooo powerless over the situation. the first chance to actually, in a way, go out with this guy has just passed you by. annoying, isn’t it? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

now, you’re done with your deadline…now what?!?!?!?

(pag ako talaga nainip, mag-d-d-moves na ako! but wait, turn off yon sa kanya so…NO…i guess i’ll just wait in vain…and continue to blog in good faith…hoping that he won’t ever, ever see this)


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