must love God

must love dogs…

…unlike what chicco said, it wasn’t such a bad movie after all. i actually found it cute. methinks it was the perfect movie to watch with jok, leah & zang after the crim pro exam & a hospital visit to ron, who’s dengue-struck 😦

while i was watching that movie, i just couldn’t help but think…
1.) omigosh, that’s my laptop! that’s my hair! and heyyy…minus the part of the movie pertaining to diane lane’s carnal relations with bobbie (my bestfriend’s wedding guy) & the attempted one with john cusack, that’s my life!!!
2.) john cusack is just soooo cute (with his puppy dog eyes)…sino kaya ang counterpart nya sa life ko?
3.) maybe i better put up an ad somewhere..the ad for THE GUY should contain those 40+ characteristics. and instead of must love dogs, it should go, “must love God”


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