in mourning…

i mourn the loss of my precious, beautiful XDA II (march 3, 2004-aug 27, 2005). twas a faithful, faithful PDA phone during it’s lifetime with me. we shared a lot of good and bad memories together. it was the product of my last salary in P&G. (hence the very high sentimental value)

i mourn the loss of the 256K memory stick, where a whole lot of photos, videos, files & sound clips are stored (read: high sentimental value). it doubled as a reliable portable file storage, those days when my laptop didn’t have an externable floppy disk drive yet.

i mourn the loss of the database of contact information of friends’ & business associates. it was a list that i started putting together since i got out of college four years ago.

my XDAII is survived by its foldable keyboard, extra batt, metal case and chargers (laptop charger, car charger and desktop charger), all of which still remain in my apartment. the memory stick is survived by its card reader. and they are all for sale now (with the exception of the card reader)

as for the thief who stole it today while i was studying along the corridor of the 3rd floor of malcolm hall, all i can say is…there is justice in this world. a man always reaps what he sows.

my condolences go, as well, to aman, whose phone was also stolen today.


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