the unspoken


i may be no poet. but this i write for you.

i won’t be seeing you now.
not for some time i believe.
but i just want to tell you
right now, you’re on my mind.
i haven’t thought about you
for quite a long time now.
i tried so hard i succeeded.
yet now i look back on what was.

twas all so complicated.
we both had strings attached
strings which pulled us back.
the words were never said.
but admidst the silence,
throughout denials
you & i knew there was magic.
that there was something there.

the chances passed us by.
twas never meant to be.
and days and nights flew quickly
in the midst of everything that surrounded,
denial soon succeeded.
magic faded to oblivion.
now you’re leaving prematurely
and i mourn this sorry plight.

didn’t have the chance to tell you,
so i’m telling you right now.
for whatever that was then.
you lightened up what was dreary.
the laughter, music and friendship
i will always remember.
you were special despite the inspite’s.
thank you so much, my dear friend.

and i want you to know
though i know it’s now too late,
that there was a time
i was too close to the edge
and maybe i did fall.
still each time i’ll see that empty seat,
i’m sure, i will
miss you.


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