i’m inches away.
i see you.
whatever you say,
i hear you.
beside me each day,
i feel you.

you do glance my way,
yet past me you look.
a second glance,
you never once took.

my voice you do hear,
but you don’t recall;
and you never listen
when for you i call.

in my brushes with you,
you haven’t felt
that within me there’s longing
and that i could just melt.

this glance i cast at you,
do you see it?
my heart beating loudly,
do you hear it?
i’m reaching out to you,
do you feel it?

i guess that you don’t.
i guess that you won’t.
right now, it’s so clear
that to you, i’m not dear.
i’m in your blind spot.
i’m inches away.

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