a smorgasboard of stuff (a.k.a. sembreak thoughts & adventures)

whaddaya…how d’ya write when you just have so much to write about? these past 2 weeks have been very eventful. starting with…

1. our block’s annual outing to lobo, batangas – this year’s trip was a really nice bonding experience…lots of revelations (of course, can’t reveal them here). here are a couple of the 100+ pictures we took:
(other evidence of our being camera-trigger-happy are among the pix i uploaded in this & in my other account) makes me look forward to spending another vacation outing with my blockmates. actually, i miss ’em already. kinda makes me have mixed emotions about wanting to go back to school. (i kinda dread the prospect of avena for civ pro…) Cute_shot

2. the waiting game – am referring to 2 things here:

a. for mr right – in this day and age, it’s so tempting to settle for mr right now. and in the light of events like my bestfriend getting married, most of my friends being happily attached to nice people, my closest friends leaving for abroad, i admit, sometimes i do get lonely. when the ranting and the pining start, that’s when the temptation becomes the greatest. but i refuse to trod that path because…(the reason’s too long, i’ll just post the email i got from misha just tonight)

b. gruelling wait for the grades – you’ve done all that you could…slaved hard the entire sem, took your best shot at the exams. now your fate is at the mercies of your prof’s. these past 2 wks have been agonizing in terms of this Q: so am i gonna pass all of my subjects? but i couldn’t do anything about ’em na, right? to agonize over what i’m gonna get is futile. don’t have such things in my control. like everything else, my grades are in God’s hands. (so far i already know 3: sales, crim pro & torts…PTL, couldn’t believe the results!)


3. 7 lakes tour in SPC – ronald (malcolm schoolmate & family friend. he’s cute, but too bad for me, he’s gay) took me around san pablo city to see all of the 7 lakes. the 1st one we went to was palakpakin .
2nd lake was mohicap.

3rd & 4th in line were the twin lakes pandin & yambo.
Pandin4 Yambo4
5th, 6th & 7th were bunot, kalibato & sampaloc (too bad no photo ops in these 3 lakes). i’ve known that city for most of my life, yet that was the 1st time for me to have toured ’em all. it’ll take one an entire day to go to all 7 (in our case, took us 2 afternoons); and weather has to be excellent because the trek to the lakes involves muddy, slippery paths, hills to climb and brooks to ford. our shoes got muddied all over due to the trek. twas raining and occassionally we got lost. but we didn’t really care. the sight of the pristine lakes (despite the fishpens and yes, sadly, there was basura in some cases) was one to behold, a reward after the long muddy trek (i keep on emphasizing long & muddy…haha). tsaka we saw a nice rainbow! Rainbow and had lots of photo ops! we even took alternate dips in lake pandin, and rafted on lake kalibato. super saya, kahit 2 lang kami! highly recommended!

4. new tech-y toys are fun! (i do know though that they’re not the end all and be all) – a little over 3 months ago, my XDA got stolen. imagine how sad i was…my P48T+ (including all the accessories) just went down the drain! but sobrang blessing, my 2nd part-time job came just in the nick of time. thanks to that racket, was able to buy a nice phone & a nice PDA (and i think my stuff are even better now). enjoy to have ’em. tuwa ako…not just because of the toys, but moreso because i’m realizing really how good a provider God is…how He gives us the desires of our hearts if & when we seek Him first. 🙂

5. speaking of sakuna…kanina, was watching probe on channel 2. the episode was about earthquakes. there’s this prophecy from this visionary nun that a major earthquake that will originate in QC raw will occur in 2005. of course, can’t deny that am quite scared about this. but as the show said, and i concur, preparedness is key – physical (gadgets & what-to-do) & spiritual (prayers! trusting in God despite & inpite of!) preparedness.

6. family ties – blood will always be thicker than water. and of course, kahit na mataray ang sister ko and topak minsan ang mommy ko, love ko sila syempre. Mom_leeann_me
pati extended family ko (aunts & cousins), i super love em. and this sembreak, i’m just blessed to have been able to spend time with my family. don’t really get to do this very much during the sem. tomorrow (rather later), i’m going back to QC na. and the thought of me missing em makes me not want to leave LB. but duty (a.k.a. PVO) calls. Undas2 and which reminds me, it’s way past 4 a.m. and it’s time i went to sleep na.


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