a key to passing this marshmallow test

it’s gonna be a long wait i suppose.
but this is one that i really don’t mind.
i might just as well take a walk in the park
help spread some of His light in the dark
take snapshots and memoirs of things that abound
just immerse myself in things that surround
as i cherish the people around me, i will
and bask in God’s love, which He makes me feel
never mind if this period of waiting be long
so what if the end is still far from this point
this bittersweet journey is a pity to forego
to short cut one’s way down this road is a no
there’s still patience & virtues to learn & imbibe.
what is it that’s wrong with taking one’s time?
who says in this race only those who finish first win?
so what now if it seems i get left behind?
what matters is that i’ll be there in time.
and only the best for me, i shall have.
speed is not always what’s most paramount in this life.
so though, this is not me to take the slow lane.
for this thing in store, i could & would wait.
though the waiting be long, i shush my complaints.
i wait. and i’ll wait in anticipation. in hope.
as i do my thing, as i live my life
before long, i won’t notice, this test will be over
the sorrow and loneliness will be forgotten
as joy of a realized dream takes their place.

yes, in time, this marshmallow test of sorts, i will ace.


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