learn to trust your instincts

valuable lesson learned today: learn to trust your instincts.

1. sabi na nga ba eh, ang lakas ng kutob ko kanina na walang labor. kaya pala ako super tamad na tamad pumasok…at hindi lang yon, walang civpro. kaya pala hindi ako pressured mag-aral. but, being the do-gooder that i perceive myself to be, pumasok pa rin ako. at nag-aral. sayang, i should’ve slept na lang the entire day or stayed a little bit more longer in LB. grrrrrr

2. ang yabang ng isang tao!!! grrrrrabe…kaya pala tama ang choice ko dati na i-subject pa sya sa kung anu-anong tests. (that’s what i call constructive busted. an indirect way of saying no to a guy’s advances). alam ko namang di rin sya tatagal. …kaya daw dating someone just to show him na i could do without him!!! the hell!!! what the hell’s he thinking? i didn’t even like him!!! what with his staple mushy lines which came from movies and which he has been using on several girls!!! dapat pala never ko nang binigyan ng chance yung makapal na mukhang yon. at tama rin pala ang instincts ng friends ko. no one liked him for me (just as no one really thought that ex # 1/2/3 and me were matches made in heaven)

*too bad the dude’s not a friend of this friendster account, he’s a friend of my other friendster account…he should read this and realize that i’m talking about him here!
**wag lang nya akong masira-siraan. i don’t care if he has pedigree. i know i’ve lots of friends to back me up.
***buti na lang, mike’s phone call was pretty effective in calming me down. pasalamat yung mayabang na lalakeng yon!

3. sana tama rin ang kutob ko na di pa papasok si jude (our admin prof) tomorrow. pero sige na nga, to be on the safe side, i’ll study admin na lang.

4. sana tama rin ang kutob ko na…(hihihi, yoko muna isulat para may element of suspense…hahahahaha!)

but enough with this “trusting one’s instincts” cases in point. aral mode na again.


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