it’s official! (fresh, hot off the grill)


date: monday, january 9, 2006
time: 7:59pm
place: SM North Edsa parking lot (not really the best place for romantic moments but it’ll do!)

…he told me na gusto raw nya maging kami, that he wanted to make it official. he asked if i’d be willing to be his girlfriend. i looked at him, as if trying to assess his truthfulness (pumasa naman sa lie detector test ko). i asked him, “are you asking me because you think this is what i wanna hear? or are you asking me because this is what you really want? because if you’re asking me because you think this is what i wanna hear, then i don’t want this.” (whew! that was a long one!) he held my hand and replied, “this is what i really want.” i looked into his eyes and asked, “uhm…could you give me an hour?” (hahahahaha!) “so, you think, this is a good date?” he asked, to which i replied, “why, is there a bad date?” (hehe…pilosopo). he said, “i don’t want to pressure you.” i nodded but replied and told him, in a hushed voice, for the first time, “i love you too.” (may “too” kasi nung friday pa nya ako sinasabihan nun) he said, “talaga? you love me din? so it’s official?” “yes…” i replied…and we hugged…and that’s how the photo caption came about. (i give credit to my dear kasi sya nakaisip nun…hehehe)…and the rest shall now be history.

i know, this seems like a script of a romantic comedy. but this is real life, where mike and i are the actors. and God, the ultimate Director/Scriptwriter/Producer/soundtrack & technical effects Dude. 🙂 who would’ve ever thought all this would happen last month, that time when i came to the point of surrender – surrendering the struggle of waiting for the man who’s God’s will for me? who would have thought that in my bestfriend’s wedding, wherein i was the bridesmaid, i would be meeting this sweet, funny and simply wonderful man, who was trying to dabble with wedding photography in his friend’s wedding? certainly not me. and certainly not mike, either, who was unknown to me, undergoing the same issues and phase in life. certainly, we did not know. but our God works both in ways that we can and we can’t see…He is a God of wonderful surprises. truly, He ought to be praised! as mike said in his blog (where he “announced” that we are now officially a couple – just as i’m doing now…hehe), “thanks for the answered prayers. thanks for the patience. thanks for everything. thank you Lord!” indeed, THANK YOU LORD!!!

mike & i may have been scarred in the past…but from those hurts, falls, blows, and boo-boo’s, God allowed us to learn a lot of lessons along the way – learnings that we shall now be applying to this relationship. perhaps He was merely molding us so that when our paths finally cross, we would be ready…and such paths would be smooth as one affirmation would just follow another (just as what has been happening). perhaps He was merely trying to show us what was on the other end of the spectrum so that when the destined time comes, we would just be truly thankful and stunned as to how amazingly crafted the plot was… we may not know what’s in store, but we shall cling to God and to each other as we take each new step in travelling life’s road…now together, as we continue to play our roles in this romantic comedy about us. 🙂

luv u too, mike! 🙂


3 thoughts on “it’s official! (fresh, hot off the grill)

  1. Cherry Lyn says:

    Hei Lobitz,

    I’m soooooo happy for you..You’ve finally found the right man to spend the rest of your life with..Wish to see you soon..You take care girl and god bless always..


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