thoughts on brokeback

this is the life…walang civpro! i finalized the dropping requirements na yesterday and to celebrate everything (getting elected VP, becoming a Portian, and no civpro), i decided to treat myself out to a movie. so i watched brokeback mountain with len and sanne (two other blockmates who decided they wanted to have a life with less stress and dropped civpro).

this afternoon, i was chatting with my boyfriend (who didn’t want to watch it with me). i was telling him about the movie (trying to gross him out…bwahahahahaha!). here’s part of the chat transcript which incorporates some insights about brokeback mountain:

mekol: so how was it?
cpabaldrias: di naman nakakadiri eh, dear. really. i’ve seen other gay movies the ones which really freaked me out.
cpabaldrias: para nga silang friends lang. who’d see each other every once in a while. on “fishing trips” but they never caught any fish.
cpabaldrias: nagkapamilya pa nga sila eh. gaganda ng mga asawa. anne hathaway ba naman and michelle williams.
cpabaldrias: it’s just that they fell in love with each other.
cpabaldrias: siguro, looking at it in another light, they were just the best of friends talaga. kaso naging sordid lang because they were horny in brokeback and there was no other person to do it with.
mekol: sige na nga
cpabaldrias: tingin ko, they were just confused. kakaawa nga eh.
cpabaldrias: actually, naawa ako sa kanila. because of that “disfunctionality”, they couldn’t really be decisive about their decisions in life.
cpabaldrias: the other one had a failed marriage and another failed relationship.
mekol: actually parang na gets ko na nga ang story kaka kwento ni jit
cpabaldrias: the other one naman had a marriage that was okay on the surface but was really hollow naman pala
mekol: diba nga nahuli yung isa ng asawa nya
cpabaldrias: yeah. di kasi nakapag-intay eh!
cpabaldrias: pwede namang magtago muna sila bago maghalikan. walang ka-self-control self-control
mekol: tapos the other kept the clothes right
cpabaldrias: yes. na na-discover nung isa when that one died
cpabaldrias: so kinuha nya rin yung clothes at tinago nya. that one’s pathetic. he didn’t really have a life, and he’ll forever be trapped in the memory of brokeback. di na naka-move on
mekol: so who’s who? sino ang namatay?
cpabaldrias: namatay si jake twist. yung hubby ni anne hathaway. the other one is annis dela mar, he’s the real life fiancee’ din pala of michelle williams (di ko alam kung ano names nila in real life)
mekol: aaahh
cpabaldrias: so, based on the kwento, wachathink, dearie?
mekol: its a love story
mekol: but male to male
mekol: hehehe
cpabaldrias: yeah, yeah
cpabaldrias: di naman kadiri di ba?
mekol: hindi naman
mekol: im sure naman na may story
mekol: its just the way na sinabi ni jit
mekol: eewww
cpabaldrias: actually, wala rin. for me, it’s just a slice-of-life thingie.
cpabaldrias: well, the love scenes were kinda rough.
cpabaldrias: it seemed strange to len and me that they just grabbed each other and there they went…humping it all away. wala man lang foreplay
cpabaldrias: the first time they did it, they didn’t even kiss each other
mekol: hahha
cpabaldrias: tapos after they’d do it, pinapakita pa na they’d cuddle and talk about their lives
mekol: whew
mekol: hihihi
cpabaldrias: actually, if not for those things, if not for sex, it seemed like a normal friendship lang
mekol: may cuddling cuddling pa ha
cpabaldrias: oo
cpabaldrias: parang totoo


One thought on “thoughts on brokeback

  1. Fiona says:

    Lorybeth! sorry this has nothing to do with the film (although I must admit your blog post piqued my curiosity… 🙂 ) anyway thank you so so much for helping me with all that legalese yesterday. talagang talaga. thanks!!! thanks rin for linking to our blog and the link description. oh and hi to mike! next reunion you gotta bring both your mic and mike ok! 🙂


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