and so i’ve been tagged…

o, sanne, pinatulan ko ha! 🙂

10 people you find sexy
1. mike (para kapag sumagot sya, number one din ako dapat sa list nya. hahaha)
2. piolo pascual
3. dennis trillo
4. alfred vargas
5. cameron diaz
6. julia roberts
7. my mom (yes, my mom’s pretty sexy, petite sexy)
8. diana zubiri
9. matthew perry
10. brad pitt

9 people you would invite to a special party
1. mike
2. mij
3. zih
4. kils
5. lalai
6. ralph
7. jober
8. sanne
9. benj

8 sure ways to get your attention
1. Crack a funny joke (a corny one will do).
2. Laugh at my corny jokes as well
3. Wow me with your tech-y gadgets.
4. Laugh at one’s self.
5. Be comfortable despite long moments of silence.
6. Be a people person.
7. Be goal-oriented.
8. Be a man/woman of your words.

7 pet peeves
1. attached men and women consciously flirting with someone else (ditto!!!)
2. selfish spoiled brats
3. KJ people
4. horribly bad breath
5. self-rightous dudes
6. super horny maniac guys
7. arrogant people

6 persons you look up to
1. daddy
2. mommy
3. boss rudi oviedo
4. boss bryan wong
5. boss tanya tan
6. PK

5 random things about you
1. I’m a really bad liar. I rarely get away with lying. So I don’t lie na lang.
2. I have this unexplainable phobia of live chickens.
3. Super mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko and even though i’m a tech-y person, I’m not really materialistic.
4. People think I’m really masipag but actually, I’m lazy and my favorite hobby is sleeping. And when I’m asleep, it’s very difficult to wake me up.
5. I’m really OC with my files sa computer, with my files sa school, sa work, with planning (palaging may cost-benefit analysis, may critical path). Pero I’m super makalat naman talaga.

4 most romantic songs
1. Forevermore
2. Ikaw ang Tunay na Ligaya
3. Minsan Lang Kitang IIbigin
4. Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin

3 places you want to take a vacation in
1. europe (go backpacking!)
2. boracay (never been there)
3. CDO (and visit my relatives there)

2 turn-ons
1. a warm and genuine smile that could light up my day
2. funny, witty, interesting conversationalists

1 unforgettable moment
1 lang? di ba pwedeng marami? kulit. hehehe.
cge na nga…i remember going to this sand bar called white island in camiguin. i was so problem stricken then yet everything around me was so beautiful that i forgot about dan gat, forgot about my stupidity…ganun. sa ganda ng paligid, nakalimutan ko lang ang lahat.

i’m tagging…
mike, likha, oscar, fiona, chevi, lee, ate che, peach, everyone else who’s dropped a comment in my blog…heyyyy, patulan nyo ‘to ha, puhlease? 🙂


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