our pastor’s sermon this afternoon was about some misconceptions about prayer – when they take place. bottomline is, prayer should not be an obligation, instead it ought to be somethin as natural as water is to a fish. relating the message to everything that’s happening to my life right now, i know i really need to pray – and to ask the Lord for guidance, wisdom & discernment.

i know no problem is to big for God to not be able to solve it, no sin too dark for Him to not be able to forgive it. ..we just need to humble ourselves before Him. when we fall, we ought to stand up as fast as we could and seek Him anew. (but of course, this is no license to keep on sinning willfully at that). God is all-powerful & merciful…and these are just some of His mighty attributes, which ought to encourage us to fall on our knees in prayer.

no prayer goes unanswered, after all. sometimes the answers are not the ones we initially wanted or expected. but still, they are God’s answers to our prayers, all because He has a wonderful plan for us. because, all along, we may have wanted something that wasn’t really for us all along.

i need to pray for His will. for the courage to abide by it, whatever it entails. i want to pray for the people whom i love…may God soften their hearts and bring them, and me as well, closer to Him amidst whatever it is that they (we) may be going through.

i know this is pretty cryptic but i don’t think i could expound on the matter right now. in time, i may be able to blog about these things…who knows. for now, i’m just so glad it’s already summer (save for this one last requirement in credit)…


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