27 things i’m thankful for at 27

enough of the introspective Q’s muna from my previous blog entry.. before i wrack my brain with those questions about life, i think i wanna live for the moment and enjoy today. after all, my birthday only comes once in a year and i’ll only be 27 once. so before i move on to the next goal or ask the next philosophical question, i will celebrate this day first. and to start the celebration, below is a rundown of 27 things that i thank the Lord for:

1. LIFE! – that i’m still breathing. i was born a couple of weeks short of the age of a full-term baby (premature). i was very sickly and had primary complex till i was 4. i was almost run over along commonwealth avenue when i was around 4 or 5? these are just some of my more dramatic brushes with death. there must have been a couple of others in the past 27 yrs. but i’m still awake and kicking, am i not? ergo, i truly believe, God has a wonderful plan for continuing to keep me alive. i love my life and i always try to make the most out of it. 🙂

2. ETERNAL LIFE! – aside from this temporal existence, i’m truly thankful that i don’t need to worry or concern myself with anxious thoughts as to whether or not i’ll go to heaven before i die. thanks to what how Jesus rose from the grave more than 2000 yrs ago on easter morning, i am assured of my salvation. 🙂

3. MY UPBRINGING – i had a weird one but i’m thankful for how my parents trained me to be wired the way that i am. i’m thankful for the values they have instilled…that they have ingrained love and fear of the Lord and a sense of purpose & vision in me. i wouldn’t be who i am if not for this.

4. MY EDUCATION – since the age of 3, i’ve been schooled with taxpayers’ money…iskolar ng bayan, ika nga. save for CCCC (in CRL) and MSI, which are practically inside UP coz both schools are within the UP Diliman & UPLB campuses respectively, i’ve been studying in UP all my life. i’m thankful for cheap, quality, and even prestigious education. .

5. MY FAMILY – my dad was too strict, my mom could tend to be too fanatical, my sister too grouchy…we have our occassional crazy tiffs and differences but i’m thankful because my family has always been one of the rocks i could depend on, especially during times when i seem to want to give up. they have always urged me to go on and to do my best in whatever i get myself into.

6. MY BOYFRIEND – so blessed that God brought mike and me together. 🙂 the past 3 months have been an enjoyable learning and adjustment process for both of us. with God’s grace, the trials brought us closer to each other and to Him, instead of bringing us down. i really thank God for mike’s love. i really thank God for him. and i’m thankful for how we seem to complement each other in a lot of ways. 🙂

7. MY FRIENDS – those from my childhood (pre-LB days), elem yrs in LB, years in RHS, college days, gawad, unilever business week, P&G, IILS, law school (especially LCF friends & some blockmates), M2Cash, church (CAP, VCF, CRL), friends i met through my ex…ang dami nila! through them, i feel that i’m loved. especially yung best friends ko (you guys know who you are), para ko na silang kapatid. i really love ’em and i’m thankful coz i know they love me back (assuming! haha)

8. MY GRANDPARENTS – there were times that i was at odds with them. syempre, just as nobody’s perfect, no grandparents are perfect. but i thank my grandparents for always helping provide for my needs. they have been instrumental to helping me achieve a lot of goals i have previously set.

9. MY AUNTS – they’re like my 2nd & 3rd moms (in no particular order). actually, i’m quite thankful that my auntie rory and auntie beth didn’t marry (selfish! haha!) kasi parang kami ni lee-ann yung anak nila

10. MY RELATIVES – save for my cousins, i’ve always been the baby of my relatives. i’m thankful for my favorite (grand) aunts and uncles (they’re too many to mention!), some of who are just a couple of years older than i am, who took care of me, helped feed me (literally) and acted as my baby sitters.

11. MY FAMILY FRIENDS – thanks to the friendships of my parents, meron akong extended family. para ko na rin silang relatives, sometimes they’re closer than relatives. i especially thank God for my tito raul & tita marie. they’re my dad’s bestfriends and they’re my surrogate parents. i also thank God for my tita amy. without her, i would have had a difficult time every reg season.

12. MY CHURCH(es) – i thank God for these people with whom i share the same faith. my spiritual family in CAP & CRL and my celgroup mates dati in VCF are my prayer warriors and i thank God for them.

13. LAW SCHOOL – i know i often complain about law school but the truth is, i am thankful for the privilege of being in the UP College of Law (naku, baka magalit sa kin si disini for referring to malcolm as “the UP College of Law”)

14. MY PART-TIME JOB – my cash cow! i thank God for this. 🙂 kung wala ‘to, di ako makakabili ng techy toys ko.

15. MY STINT IN P&G – the training, the prestige, the monetary compensation, the burn-out..haha. it was one helluva experience to have spent the first 2.5 years of my professional life in perhaps the best multinational in the Philippines.

16. MY GADGETS – i am a tech-y person and i’ve always saved up for the gadgets that i want. they make my tasks easier to carry out. they’re a joy to play with. and they’re wonderful conversation starters. hehehe.

17. MY PEERS IN THE LSG – they seem to be proactive, hardworking people. and i am looking forward to a fulfilling year of service with them.

18. U.P. PORTIA SORORITY – my highschool and college friends have a hard time believing that i joined a sorority. hahaha. but there are a lot of reasons why i chose to be a portian…reasons too long to type in here. actually, i can’t see myself in any other sorority for that matter.

19. BAR OPS HEADS & VOLUNTEERS – mukha namang masisipag sila. and so far, so good. (except for a few hitches…sana ma-achieve namin ang ultimate goal namin: quality efficient service to the barristers)

20. UP JPIA – even though grad na ako, i still love this org. my life would’ve been different without my involvement in JPIA. the trying times toughened me. friendships were strengthened and tested in JPIA. and the EB experiences trained me for professional life and instilled a work ethic that i could be proud of.

21. MY DENTIST – kanina, when i visited my dentist for the first time in 3.5 years, i realized na more than 10 years na pala niya akong client and somehow, may relationship na rin na na-form. i used to see dr. mercado once a month for around 6 years. ang tagal ko rin kasing nag-braces eh!

22. MY PAST – no matter how painful some lessons were, no matter how scarred or traumatized i may have been by some events in my past, i’m thankful because time has healed the wounds. i may have not been able to get out of those situations unscathed, but those experiences have helped mold me into the hopefully tougher person i am today.

23. MY MAGIC SING! – ang galing-galing! sabi ko nga sa mom ko the other day, sayang, kung may magic sing na dati eh di ilang libong piso rin ang natipid ko sa mga minus one tapes na sinimulan kong i-collect since i was 10 and the VCDs i kept on buying before the magic sing fad came along. being the avid singer that i am, sulit ang magic sing sa akin (effective stress release!)

24. MUSIC – …has always been a part of my life. singing helps lighten up my mood whenever i’m down. i’m also thankful that i’m able to serve in church through singing in the choir. tsaka syempre, career. hahaha.

25. ALWAYS HAVING ENOUGH RESOURCES FOR THE THINGS THAT I NEED – it always amazes me how i always have enough for my food, for books, for food, for leisure, for shelter, for clothes. actually, i have more than enough at times that i could afford to treat a friend or two to an occassional merienda, lunch or dinner. kapag may kailangan gawin, there would be a friend/contact who’d help palagi. amazing…my needs are always provided for. i really thank God for this!

26. HOPE & FORGIVENESS – there is never a hopeless situation no matter how seemingly confusing or difficult an issue may seem. i have hope because God is always bigger than any problem i could ever have. knowing this, i could afford to come up with solutions. knowing that no sin is too big for Him to not forgive, i am filled with hope as well. hope that with His grace, i could be better…that i do not need to remain in the ruts i get myself into.

27. THE YEAR AHEAD! – it’s a new year for me and i’m thankful for 365 days of being 27 yrs old…365 days for new experiences, new goals and to be several steps closer to the ultimate objective (whatever that is)

ayan, 27 na. hindi pilit ‘tong list na ‘to ha! anyways, happy birthday to me! 🙂

p.s. btw, technically, as of now, i’m still 26 yrs old coz i was born at 10:15 pm so i didn’t really turn 27 at 12midnight


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