i just have to share, though i wouldn’t want to dwell on this coz it’s counter-productive:

yesterday, i saw a friend’s photos on friendster. that friend now owns a vehicle & a place to live in, as in from sariling sikap & pawis. i’m happy for my friend. but i admit, i kinda feel as if i’ve been “left behind”…like i had the chance to have those things before but i threw that chance away. and i actually don’t know if i’m better off now, or if i’ll be better off eventually. i don’t know if i have made or am making the right choices in life.

but i just have to pray along the way and to trust God that He’s in control, even when i’m not.


One thought on “confession

  1. Lee says:

    hey, at least you’re in law school. me, i’m still muddling along in this “job” that i have, while not really earning that much or learning as much as i should. and i’m 28, turning 29 soon. how’s that for pathetic?


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