ever got into a damn-if-you-do-damn-if-you-don’t situation? that’s probably the common rut these days. funny how sometimes, life doesn’t really turn out the way one wants it to. it is indeed a long string of surprises. all the time, rather than retreat, one just has to face the music and sway to the tune. sure, it may be a totally different song altogether, but for sure, in time that new melody will eventually be one that one’s ears will become accustomed to.

this brings to mind existentialism, which was one of my favorite theories in 4th year lit class. (i hope ma’am Pena’s soul is resting in peace). from that, i was able to gather that life is actually what one makes it, such that one should always be responsible enough to face the consequences of his actions and decisions in life. right or wrong, some life choices are unfortunately irreversable. however, they do not need to remain regrettable – indeed one’s attitude and how he responds to seemingly insurmountable challenges hugely determines how positively or negatively he may respond to a situation at hand.

i actually feel so helpless and frustrated right now. the one i should count on, i can’t seem to really count on. which is so sad and pathetic. i know i’m not really alone…but i feel like i am. my pleas seem to fall on deaf ears and i don’t know if i can still bear it. but thank God for people through whom He comforts me. through them, i feel blessed. šŸ™‚

i know all things happen for a reason. and i thank God that He is all powerful and all-loving that He could make sense out of the mess(es) i tend to get myself into.

may i continue to exhibit grace under pressure. wisdom amidst the confusion. peace in the midst of turmoil. forgivess despite possible condemnation. acceptance devoid of rejection.


2 thoughts on “damn

  1. iris says:

    hi lobs!
    how are you?!
    im kind slow sa pick-up esp these days =) …what’s with the smoke?
    seriously, i hope you’re more than okay. keep in touch when you’re free, k?

    ate iris


  2. Lody Laura says:

    Hi my pretty one,
    I know how you feel right now but just hang on..I`m pretty sure you`ll get by.And sometimes that`s the hardest part of womanhood..But at least you know how to handle it well.I`m not just proud of you…we do love you so much.So cheer up!!If things wont work out well…Pray,just like you`re doing now and smile to your mistakes and the load will be lighter and before you knew it..more great things will come your way…Just enjoy


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