just like vines, which have to undergo pruning in order to bear fruit, sometimes people and even relationships need to undergo tests and trials to become stronger and to eliminate one or two unnecessary details. this is what i’ve gone through the past 2 weeks…more of like what we’ve gone through.

twas a lesson that’s been learned the hard way…a costly one that almost drained our strength and emotions. it was definitely a struggle to get through that, but good thing is the waters are once more still. it’s true that God won’t give you anything you can’t bear. always, He equips you with strength, wisdom, guidance and everything else needed to withstand a trial. i so thank Him for His mercy. i marvel at how He was/is able to transform even the bad into good.

today, we celebrated our 5th month together and after that “storm”, today felt like a milestone. haha. they say “what won’t break you will make you stronger.” and i think we’re proving that to be true. i’m happy that we’re still together and that we learned a lot about each other. still, i know that we have a long way to go…there are still things to work on but we’ll be taking ’em one step at a time. 🙂 we have learned our lessons and we’re praying for His help with the follow through.

i truly thank God for the way He has held mike and me together throughout what we have just been through, and i know he is as thankful as i am too. no relationship is perfect and ours is not an exception. but i’m glad that we understand, complement and love each other. that makes the occassionally rough ride a little less bumpy.


i’m glad all that is over now. emotional difficulties (a.k.a. lovelife issues) have always been my achilles heel and have never failed to slow down my productivity. thank God that one ended before classes resume.

in 4 days time, i’ll be a law student once again and i’m excited about my subjects this sem. they say 3rd yr is the most difficult one, and i’m bracing myself for it. i just hope & pray that i could be given a slot for corpo law. pls, pls, pls, pls!!!


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