things i learned/realized this week

1.  the will i made when i was 12 is null and void according to Art 797 of the Civil Code which states, "Persons of either sex under eighteen years of age cannot make a will"  (well, they can…it’s just that the will won’t be legally recognized)

2.  it’s no joke to be in a relationship.  no matter how lovey-dovey a couple may seem at first, they will always encounter some difficulties in adjusting with each other because of their sheer differences.  but at the end of the day, no matter how difficult things may be, it will always be worth all the struggles as long as the two people involved know and feel that they love each other and are willing to compromise and move towards the same goals.

3.  no offense meant to my guy friends and to my boyfriend, but sometimes, guys could be so dense. 

’nuff said for now.  bwahahahahaha. 


3 thoughts on “things i learned/realized this week

  1. Omar says:

    OI!!! Hinde ah! Mga babae kaya yung dense 😀 The problem is, girls expect guys not to be sensitive, but to be mind readers. Sabihin niyo kasi kung anong gusto niyong sabihin, sus. Hehehe *hug*


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