stalkers & veggie meat

I’ve decided to go vegan.  For more than 2 weeks now, I haven’t been eating any red meat.   It has some positive effects…I feel lighter, and some people say I have trimmed down a bit (of course, it’s only been 2 weeks, the effects are very minimal).  Yet I also feel somewhat lethargic – that’s what scrimping on protein can do.  Case in point.  I used to sleep for only 3 hours a night.  But now, I can’t wake up to study in the middle of the night anymore.  Grrrrr…annoying.  I’m getting inefficient. 


Some stalker person has been texting me.  Asking me if I’m Lorybeth, if I’m a law student…he/she says she won’t bother me na raw.  Yet when I texted back to ask who he/she was and to ask her if there was anything I could help him/her out with.  The stalker dude said it’s about something I value a lot, next to God and my family.  I asked, "is it my studies?"  But of course, I know that he/she (I bet it’s a she) meant Mike. 

What does he/she want?  Why is it that controversial? 


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