moot and academic surrender, et al

i’ve been meaning to blog since this morning pa…got a lot of things in my mind.  i wanted to write about surrender.  how good it feels to suddenly stop caring  about an issue one used to feel so strongly about.  but then again, recent events of the day made what i want to write about moot and academic. 


i dropped by his office after work today and upon seeing him, all my defenses melted.  yuck.  corny.  but true.  i forgot that i’ve been mad.  and it seems like he forgot that we almost had a deadlock in our last series of "negotiations".  he said he missed me then kissed my hand.  i even felt like crying but i stopped myself.  we were in public and had to restrain ourselves emotionally.  (sans no kissing and hugging to that reconciliation scene).  haaay…love.  i can’t understand it.  never could figure it out.


i read omar’s blog (hi omar!  yup, i’ve read your blog!) and he was rambling about this year’s newly filed impeachment complaint.  i just saw it in the news the other day but i found myself not really caring about it (when i used to be so impassioned about going against that #*&%% president of ours).  have i become apathetic?  has my world revolved only around the bar ops, my academics, portia, work, mike and church? (not necessarily in that order).  am i too busy to even stop and care about events that shape our nation’s history?  i actually feel pretty bad about it…i went to law school mostly because i was nationalistic…i wanted to be one of those "transitional leaders" or agents of change in this nation’s history (as if…taas ng pangarap ko no?).  yet now, i seem to be so involved with myself and my own affairs lang.  what’s happening to me?  this is bad…


One thought on “moot and academic surrender, et al

  1. Omar says:

    excuse me, i don’t have ramblings. i write “words of enlightenment.” hehehe. thanks for reading my blog, and don’t worry, i’m just jumping the gun a bit early to try to stir up some feedback from people para when the time comes mas maraming tao na ang nakakaalam tungkol sa impeachment.


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