i was able to fix dan gonzales’s problem this morning. good thing my tita amy was there. kungdi, sobrang hirap talagang kausap ng mga tao sa OUR. iba-iba ang versions nila. if it were not rin for my tita amy, tinaray-tarayan na rin nila ako. tinatarayan nga nila si rhudz parati eh pag sya lang mag-isa.

i am so relieved that problem got fixed na. it is within the scope of my command responsibility and if dan’s name in the transcript still lacked his third name, i know i’ll get the flak for that. kaya i’m so happy. at least, 2 good news na for the day. πŸ™‚ i was so happy nga that i called mike up. and of course, right after leaving the reg, i said a short prayer of thanks coz admittedly, i was fretting about that all morning long. (that’s why i was feeling pretty lethargic)

brought my “war car” (binyag ni charles) to work nga rin pala for the first time. and on my way to the office bought some delicious pichy-pichy from arny-dadings with extra cheese. yumyum! i had 3 pieces and that comprises my lunch.

anyway, joel just sent me a contract that i need to look over. and i need to do just that. or else baka mabuko ako ni big boss MJ who’s right at my back (literally) that i’m just blogging. hahahahaha. later! πŸ™‚


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