secret yet not so secret blog

great thing about a secret (yet not so secret) blog is you get to pour your heart or mind out somehow.

i woke up a little before 6 a.m. this morning…still tired. i dunno but i didn’t feel very refreshed from last night’s sleep. considering that i slept right after mike went home. (and that was pretty early coz hinatid lang naman nya ako sa house after dinner). i just prayed, dilly-dallied in bed a little then proceeded to work on the 3 case digests for tax. then woowie texted, inquiring about his petition status. my phone was on the bed, and again the bed felt inviting and lured me to sleep for one more hour.

i still have a lot of stuff lined up for today (obviously, coz it’s just 8:41 a.m.) and i hope i get to do them all.
1. study tax
2. go to OUR and plead for dan gonzales’s change of name – speaking of, i feel so guilty about this. i should’ve supervised rhudz more. parang di nya natutukan talaga ‘to kaya humantong sa ganito eh. ayoko sya sisihin (y’know, sis ko kasi and i know naman she’s working…kaso i can’t help but feel bad din because of this oversight)
3. print out labor & civ bar ops reviewers. san na kaya yung iba? (kung kaya, kung di, di ko na pipilitin. i just need to call bobbie up to align. nakuha na kaya nya yung mga dati? and i need to follow up the other subject heads to submit)
4. go to the M2Cash meeting at 2 (naku, kaharap na si MJ…my numbers better be correct)

yung transpo siguro, basahin ko na lang yung mga digests at pag-aralan ko tomorrow after tax.

i know that’s a lot lined up. omar and i were chatting yesterday and he said that he thinks i’m too ambitious…he’s worried raw about me na baka something would have to pay. as for me, i know naman na with God’s help, i could do these. for now, i just need rest. i feel tired na naman nga once again eh. parang i wanna take a nap. sana after this, i’d feel refreshed na. (tulog na lang ako nang tulog) haaaay. God knows i need a vacation. yung totoo talaga. with no acads, no work, no bar ops stuff, no petty quarrels, and when i get back from it, di naman ako left behind. just 1 or 2 days of complete rest will do na for me. i pray for that kind of rest. my entire being is aching for it.


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