half a year and more to go

today (rather yesterday coz it’s already 2 something a.m. of july 10) marked the beginning of mike’s and my 7th month together. we went to SM Mall of Asia with kuya ernie & reina, then split up with them to meet up with nina and onor. we had lunch at this place called “bed scenes”, which had a rather innovative ambiance. (kelangan lang, your feet don’t stink or you’re not wearing socks with holes – like…oops, secret pala…hahaha).

after some photo shoots (cam whores talaga kami ni nina!), we parted ways with nins & onor & went to the hypermart. i just wanted to show mike the bed i’ve been crushing on since a month ago when jade & i first went to SM MOA. then lo & behold it was on sale! at P3T off…and that was the only remaining stock at that. so there went another impulsive purchase.

the sales clerk, wilky, said they could even deliver tonight…but that was not an authorized SM delivery. because it had to be recognized in their POS as a pick up transaction, he needed to have the receipt so the guard could authorize the bed’s egress. ako naman, praning, thinking of all the sales and breach of contract cases that i’ve read, i photocopied the receipt and wilky’s ID & created a makeshift impromptu delivery contract.

i was supposed to get in touch with wilky by 9pm. but 10:30 na, he still wasn’t replying to my texts nor answering my calls. mike & i were so worried na. we were thinking na ano ba yon, ang stupid namin…what a monthsary, parang ang dami-dami namin pinagdadaanan, and we were praying so hard kasi we were afraid na baka it was a scam. buti na lang hindi. to make a long story short (because i’m tired na rin, and i still have to finish the Bar Ops email pa), the bed got delivered na. yey! it took more than 2 hours to assemble it. but now it’s all set up and it’s so nice. 🙂

i’m thankful for that answered prayer. really thankful for another milestone in my relationship with mike. and super thankful for the restful weekend that i’ve had. (yet i’m sorry coz i tend to do things that after several hours or so, i realize that i don’t really want to do…argh)

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