LSG Statement on Recent Frat Related Violence

before i go to bed, i wanna post this first. to note is that, my good friend and former blockmate in B2008 (kasi nga E2009 na ako now), omar is the victim; and i’m pretty much saddened because a lot of members of the other fraternity are my friends as well. tsaka, at the surface level, we all seem to get along pretty well in law school. *sigh*

Midnight of Tuesday, July 11, 2006, a law student and member of a fraternity was chased by 5 masked individuals who were allegedly armed with pipes, as he was about to enter his house. Fortunately, although the assailants purportedly tried to run him over twice, he was able to escape and remained unharmed. The five individuals, members of a fraternity, were caught and were arrested on that same night, their vehicle impounded. The following day, a complaint regarding the incident was filed with the city fiscal. One of these five men was identified to be a law student.

We, the UP Law Student Government, have gathered all the relevant facts to date regarding the incident and are appalled and disappointed that the aforesaid incident follows the heels of another fraternity-related violence, one which we likewise condemn.

Yes, the incident did not take place within the premises of the UP College of Law, yet we remain concerned. We are concerned for the welfare and security of each and every UP Law Student. We are concerned that members of the UP Law community are constantly becoming involved in senseless violent acts. We are concerned that such situations may even jeopardize their chances of pursuing their chosen careers.

We, thus, call on fraternity members in the UP College of Law to take responsibility for the actions of their undergraduate brods. We beseech them to advise their brothers to act with more caution and to be more aware of the consequences of their actions – as fraternity residents and as students of the law.

We are Law Students. Let us act like such.

Cristina Faye Condez

Lorybeth Baldrias

Faustina Victoria Ochoa

Hardy Aquende

Elgene Lawrence Feliciano
Public Relations Officer

Inhibited himself:
Leandro Angelo Aguirre
Law Representative


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