to maffy

we will surely miss you.  you’re one of the reasons why i look forward to going home to LB.  i will miss your welcoming wags and your sweet gentle, playful temperament.  i’m just so sorry that i wasn’t able to truly take care of you or to play with you the last time i was home.  i’m so sorry.


yesterday, my mom called to tell me, "wag ka masyadong malulungkot ha, but patay na si maffy."  but i am sad and i shed some tears for her death and for being a negligent owner.  sadder i know are my mom and lee-ann who were able to spend more time with her.  even poochie, the other spitz, is mourning her loss.  she seemed sad daw, di man lang kumain.  my mom says maffy probably died of heart attack (yes, apparently, says my mom, the vet, dogs have heart attacks too).  poochie is positive for heartworm.  dami raw kasi lamok there these days.  i hope she makes it.  and sana, the next time i go home to LB, she’d still be alive.  i promise, i’ll really hug and pet her.  and i’ll even be the one to feed her too.  please, please, please let her be alive and well next time i go home…


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