some girls just don’t get it

there’s this friend of my boyfriend who calls him by a pet name…buti kung “p’re” or “dude” (yeah, i have a couple of really great guy friends too and i just call ’em that) but no! she calls him “loves”. “please loves. may sasakyan ka ba?” duh! what kind of a text was that?!?!?!?!?!? my bf says siguro nami-miss lang daw nung girl na yon ang may tinatawag na ganun…but naman, naman! please, any guy, just not my guy.

i asked my bf when she started calling him that…sabi mga around a week ago daw sa text lang. i asked kung ano ginagawa nya when she texts stuff like that. NR lang daw sya.

but because she doesn’t get that my boyfriend and i are in a relationship, i think he should be more than NR. lest she might think that it’s okay. he should tell her to stop using that pet name on him. he should clearly resort to the next steps that he said he would do. he should definitely stop treating that friend of his in a special manner. man, lumugar naman, di ba?

last night when i saw that text, i couldn’t explain how i felt…twas a mixture of anger (syempre, who wouldn’t get mad?), hurt (feeling ko i was betrayed. here’s this girl, befriending me pa tapos gaganun-ganun sya! to think i expected more from her, being older, spiritual and all), surprise (in a bad way. i thought all that was over. i admit, i used to feel threatened but since my bf assured me naman that i’ve nothing to feel threatened about, i’ve calmed down. ignored all the other signs that the girl seems to be running after him.  given him &/or her my full trust, tapos ganun), fear (di ko talaga alam kung paano labanan ang mga ganito. mike says he’ll be the one to “fight” for me) and deja vu’ (what i went through 2.5yrs ago – that experience of being cheated on just came back to me).

we were supposed to enjoy another of our DVD nights after dinner but that text from that girl simply spoiled the first half of our evening. but syempre, i was with with my boyfriend’s entire family. so hindi pwede magpahalata nor throw a tantrum di ba? after we had dinner, naiyak na talaga ako. i know mike was feeling really guilty. he said, “masyado kang mabait to deserve this”. yeah!!! am i not trying to be the ideal girlfriend to him?!?!? (with a few forgivable – syempre i’m but human, though i try to be a better person – quirks here and there). he assured me that he loves me and that he won’t do any special favors na for that friend from now on and will avoid being chummy to her na. i just told him that i expect results.

yes, i expect results. i expect her to realize that she’s trespassing on my rights. i expect her to get it.