creepy weird

i have this former officemate, whom i consider as a good friend na parang uncle. around a week ago, i learned from another former officemate that he’s taking up law part-time in another university. so natuwa ako and i texted him na if ever he needs anything, text lang nya ako baka i could help. a day after, bigla ba naman tumawag. may send-off daw sila sa school for bar ops. kelangan raw nya ng date. so i thought baka naman compulsary na may date. kawawa naman sya kung wala. baka naman he just thought of bringing me coz he considers me as a good friend, maybe he wants to make kwento to someone who can relate to law school and work (my previous job). so sabi ko, ok lang sa kin pending on 2 conditions: if the sked is right and if mike would give me permission to go…turns out the 2 conditions would concur din naman pala. (speaking of mike, twas so funny, the way he handled the situation. i dunno, maybe he was trying to prove that he’s not seloso that’s why he allowed me to go, but then again, he made me wear a jacket all the time, and he even buttoned it up before we left my place. haha)

it started to get freaky when he kept on repeating (siguro around 3-4 times?) how lucky mike is to have me. how his blockmates gave him this “pity look” when he mentioned that he had to whisk me away from my boyfriend pa and how he has to bring me back to him na. when he was making me hatid pabalik, he made kwento how he got his marriage annulled (rather declared null and void) due to psychological incapacity just last year. (but ayoko bigyan ng kulay yon, baka naman nagkkwento lang). tapos last night, he was sending me these messages that guys would send only to girls they were flirting with: kesyo his blockmates said daw that i’m pretty and that he concurs, and how the obvious needs to be stated from time to time. i texted a sis nga na former officemate din, “is it just me or is he being creepy?” my sis said nga, is he having some mid-life crisis of some sort?

i’m kinda weirded out because i super didn’t expect this. i consider him talaga as a good friend. masaya pa man din sya kausap. but this? sana naman nag-f-feeling lang ako. or else, i think i may have to avoid him na. mike says, wag ko na lang raw reply-an yung texts nya. respecting my boyfriend’s advice, i think i’d do just that if he continues being creepy flirty weird.

3 thoughts on “creepy weird

    • Anonymous says:

      wag ka na nga magreply. lam mo, pati dun sa latest entry mo about this stalker, wag mo nang pansinin. sure it bothers you but titigil din yan. kaya ka naapektohan kasi deep down inside you’re flattered. if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it wouldn’t bother you and hindi mo na papansinin.

      me ganyan din ako soft of situation a week ago but di ko pinapansin ni isang reply wala akong ginawa kaya natigil din siya.

      sorry for being blunt but your worries will go away if you take things less seriously and consider them na lang as nothing. life is too short to spend much of it on fretting.


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