freaky texts, et al

msg # 1: Good pm. i’ve heard so much aout your name at up and d active role that u have played in d college of law. These reports arouse my curiousity as to how u are like in person because u have been portrayed as some sort of an organizational genius. Like any other guy, i regarded u as an idol however im trying to imagine on how u look like and how u will react if someone like me would fall in love with you. im not from ur school but i came from d visayas. i’m christian. if u care for a reply i would really appreciate it so much. pls consider me as one of ur admirers. thanks.

i txtd back: thanks for your kind words. but i think it wld be futile to meet me because i alrdy have a boyfriend. God bless w/ ur bar review.

txt # 2: ya i know coz it would be near impossible for u not to have a boyfriend. anyway we can be friends or close friends for that matter. even then im still dying to meet u in person. will u pls give me that honor and privilege to meet u in person pls. may i know on where r u now? at least i can say that it would not be futile to fall in love w a girl whose name is plastered on d bulletin of d law building

i didn’t reply.

he texted again: hello. i know that there is no law which prohibits a girl who has a bf to meet another guy. it doesn’t follow that meeting another guy would be inimical to d interest of ur existing relationship hence it would not be an exercise in futility. im now at d law library if ur around i would appreciate it so much if we would see each other in person. would u dare to do it miss baldrias?

i called up mike everytime the stalker texted. he’d just tell me wag ko na lang pansinin. tapos parang nagmamadali magbaba ng phone. siguro dahil he has work, siguro nakukulitan. so i texted mike: sorry dear kung naiistorbo kita. i’m kinda freaked out tlga.

ang text back: freaked out ka kasi pinapansin mo. kaya nga wag mo na pansinin ha

ganun lang?! i texted him: e as f naman pag d ko pinansin he wld stop existing. easy 4 u 2 say. tnx 4 ur concrn. anyway, hav a gud aftrnn.

at ngtxt si boyfrnd: hala nagalit sa akin. all im saying is pag di mo pinansin, titigil na yan. magsasawa, mapapagod din yan. easy ka lang.
online din ngayon pero di ko pinapansin. nag-YM siya ng: so pissed ka sa akin?

inis ako! freaked out na nga ako, parang walang pakialam. or am i expecting too much? ano nga ba ang magagawa nya?

mike says di raw nya ma-getz why i’m mad. sabi nya: ako pa nga ang nakikinig sayo, ako din ang gumawa ng solution mo

eh hindi naman yon eh! yung concern, yung tipong na-f-feel ko na he’s worried about me. that’s it.


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