here’s some school pride!

here’s some school pride!

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U-nibersidad ng pilipinas! matatapang, matatalino, di uuruong kahit kanino, hinding-hindi magpapahuli, ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!

on photo is angel manalaysay showing some school pride in the 2006 UP Bar Ops Salubong.   just like her, hundreds of other law students and alumni, including professor teddy te (gosh, what an honor, he came to our salubong!), chanted UP cheers and cheered on our barristers as they exited from the DLSU bar testing center.  moreover, when UP naming mahal (the school hymn) was played by the PA system, all raised their fists.  some (especially those who helped out & experienced "tremendous" difficulty in the bar ops – me included!) were even teary eyed, as we recalled the challeneges…and truly felt that at that moment, every little hardship was truly worth it – for the good of the school. 

at that point in time, i was teary-eyed because i felt that for a couple of poignant moments, i was actually giving back some pride to my alma mater.  having studied in this school since the tender age of 3 & lived in its diliman & los banos campuses for most of my life in addition to being the daughter of a UP professor, being an iskolar ng bayan has been second nature to me ever since!  (heck, i even kid around that i was most probably conceived here in UP!  haha)  i truly love and am proud of my school…being part of UP is already part of my identity.  i’m just so glad that being UP bar ops head actually gave me the opportunity to at least give back some of that pride to my beloved university.  (thanks to our salubong head and my sis, val, too!). 

(sorry, no offense to those who don’t hail from UP, it’s just that i love my own…hahaha, who wouldn’t?)

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