in the eye of the storm

all around me, nature is unleashing it’s fury.  torrents of rain are descending from the heavens as the wind howls, leaving uprooted trees and blown-away roofs in its path.  i, myself, am even somewhat scared that maybe the roof of this 4th floor apartment might be blown away…but somehow, i feel calm…safe…comforted. 

no matter how adverse this weather is, i’m not scared.  i used to remember that as a kid growing up in my house somewhere on top of mt makiling, i abhored storms.  no matter how weak the winds were, we would always experience brown-outs and water drought for days!  we had to fetch water from the water reservoir, almost a block away from our house.  so no electric nor water current…and i constantly feared that one of the trees around the house might fall on top of us. 

but now, having experienced more than 2 decades of God’s care and protection, i know that whatever storm may be brewing – may it be a typhoon, literally, or a fiasco/trial figuratively tagged as a storm, i am assured that in His presence, i am always safe.  enveloped by a "forcefield" of His protection, i need not worry nor fret.  yes, everything, including this storm, even our futures and the fate of this nation, is in His hands.  let’s all just pray for God’s mercy to our chaotic, sinful nation and for His powerful hand to intervene so that damage to lives and property would be minimal. thereafter, knowing that panic is futile, the necessary next steps could be undertaken.


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