random thoughts / what to do?

finally some internet access!!!  when the power returned, i tried to connect via bayaninternet but for some reason, twas always giving me that busy tone.  so i gave up on it na altogether and bought a prepaid i-net card.  so hello, hello, here i am again!


i still can’t get over this fact and will keep on repeating it till i probably do: Bar Ops is over! Thank God!

still, a lot of cleaning up has to be done…there’s 
1.  the lounge (which needs to be made hospitable once more to those who want to literally lounge in it), 
2.  documentation (i need to sit down with gilbert soon on this!), 
3.  budget liquidation (mabuti na yung malinis lahat)
4.  evaluation (learnings & next steps for next year’s run)

mabuti na yung maayos ang lahat, malinis ang trabaho from start to finish.   (syempre, to live up to the JPIA & P&G training)


still, finals season is around the corner.  being in the evening class, i only have 4 subjects.  that’s why i wanna do justice naman to my academics.  just like the past 2 sems, could i still get away kaya with telling my boss / jade that it’s my finals week so i’d appreciate it if i could truly concentrate on my exams muna?


last saturday night, i just wanted to have a quiet coffee session with my friend and blockmate rosanne who was such a huge help to me sa bar ops.  but there in seattle’s best was a quarter of folks from my day block and some other UP law peeps.  aj from 2D joined rosanne and me and we found ourselves talking till past 1:30 a.m.!  


now spinning off from that coffee house conversation, it seems that i have a lot of serious thinking to do regarding what to pursue.  

option 1:
a huge part of me is opting for a quieter life – away from local intrigues and controversies, where any and every wrong move or word could be magnified.  i want to focus on getting early training in the legal field i wanna pursue: corpo law/tax (either get a full-time auditing/tax firm job or check if that CFO-like job will varias was telling me about dati is still available – but of course, only come january so i could still get my 13th & 14th month pay which won’t even be prorated if i leave before december).  on the side i want to train then try out for either PLJ or  moot  – y’know those extra-curricular stuff which would put bright stars on my resume for purposes of LLM (although i’m thinking instead of LLM i wanna take up masters in finance and become CFO / Legal Counsel / CEO of some multinational or local but big corporation while having that dream NGO of mine).    i wanna lay down the groundwork for my dream NGO in while in malcolm hall too (either via a new desk in PVO or as a separate org).  and of course, do better in my acads!  (implied yon, di ba?)

option 2:
pursue the path that others am thinking i would most probably pursue.  but that would mean not being able to do the stuff i mentioned above.  

of course, subject to the moves of others and the clamor of the people.  

this is more service-oriented talaga.  because i’m thinking option 1 seems to be more beneficial at the end of the day.  yun ang medyo pinangarap ko even before i went to law school.  yung option 2, hindi ko naman talaga pinagarap.  it’s just that i’m here ngayon, a strategic place for some.  kaso i’m not really political – i’m more of a no-nonsense worker nga eh.  business as usual lang for me

pag-isipan at ipagdasal sa sembreak.  kanino kaya ako pwede humingi ng advice?  whatever it is i decide on sa 2nd sem, i’ll be back with a vengeance.  bwahahaha.   .  i don’t wanna tried too hard nor orchestrate stuff too much.  definitely, i’ll be going with the flow, trusting where God is leading / will lead me.  (Lord, could you please shout Your will to my seemingly deaf ears?)

as of now though, i admit, i’m leaning towards option 1.


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