mabababaw na kaligayahan :)

1.  i went to the office kanina.  as usual, nothing much to do (but i have to go there pa rin), especially coz jade & i weren’t able to meet up.  the server was down (mozcom was experiencing a black out).  so i just made a corpo reviewer for my own personal consumption.  nasa responsibilities of directors / controlling stockholders pa lang ako.  i plan to finish till as far as i can (probably till the end of the page) tonight.  🙂

2.  before going to the office, i passed by malcolm first to check my grade sa admin law…well, better late than never, i got a 1.75…yahoo!  🙂

3.  was able to go to lalai’s bridal shower last monday night and saw old friends – sina arns, rez, jen, karla, nanci, ayan & of course lalai.  met some of her other friends din.  saya lang.  🙂  kanina, i was able to get my round trip ticket to butuan na from cebu pacific.  kaso had to pay P1300 pa for the change in flight.  that’s not a very happy point.  i wanna have my butuan-manila flight changed to CDO-manila so i could see naman my relatives in CDO.  problem lang ay, may succession finals ako on the 17th.  of course, i wanna be able to study naman.  wag na lang siguro. next time na lang. 

4.  had a nice time with mike kanina.  we had dinner at pollo loco in mega, then after nya ako hinatid, he stayed muna for a while to copy some mp3’s he downloaded for me.  sweet ng boyfriend ko.  🙂  plus, i’m having a blast listening to the black eyed pea’s, justin timberlake & pussycat doll mp3s.  yey.  🙂  (aliw ako dun sa black eyed peas song na bebot, the one which features jasmine trias in the music video)

5.  i was supposed to buy face powder lang kaso magaling magbenta yung sales girl sa watsons kanina.  end result, i was able to buy a new cosmetics set.  mahal!  i spent P2,600+.  haaay, vanity.  pero ok lang.  i’m satisfied naman with the products.  tsaka lady paid rent naman to me kanina.  🙂

6.  ganda ng quiet time ko kanina umaga.  i’m so glad i woke up at 4:30 a.m. kanina.  to the tune of take me out of the dark on my ipod.  that song never fails to move me talaga.  i’ll type din later yung devotional text.  i’m really happy when God speaks to me loud & clear like that.  🙂

7.  i’m updating my resume right now.  will be sending it to will varias’s former boss.  he’ll be interviewing me soon…sana naman, ok ‘tong job na ‘to.  may career, may training at yung may silbi naman ako.  sana rin mas mataas ang sweldo kaysa nakukuha ko ngayon.  (although ok na rin yung ngayon, for that amount of work in a month, i’m not complaining sa salary ko.  hehe)


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