chumminess 1
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this was taken last night in our surprise bday bash for ralph.

jen (girl on my left – actually, on my right when we were having the pix taken) is my outspoken CPA/CIA/CMA/MBA’er friend. very successful! i know she’s on her way to climb the corporate ladder. idol! very pretty, smart and sexy! available pa! (hehehe, parang classified ad). we became friends through lalai nung 4th yr college. initially, she might seem stern & snobbish but she’s really very sweet. and she throws the best bridal showers! (nakakontrata na yan sa bridal shower ko…hehehe)

rez (girl between ralph & me) is one of my first friends in college. blockmate since 1st yr. she’s now working as a finance person for san miguel. sa dami ng napagdaanan namin nito, i could really say that i love this friend of mine…hehe. she’s happily attached to jayjay (aliw love story). nakapila na rin ito sa bridal shower business ni jen but malamang, mauna ito sa kin sa pila. hahaha.

ralph naman (obvious who he is in this pix since there’s only one guy) is my best-est bud in college. still remember the day we first got to know each other (freshman orientation program 1996) – that was 10 yrs ago na pala! he’s in law school too (ateneo law) and is their student council’s internal vp (counterpart ko). before law school, we both took the same FMCG sales/marketing path too, and now we’re both bound to take legal careers. in college din, halos pareho kami ng masasalimuot na experiences. sabi nga niya yesterday when he introduced me to his friends, we’re living proof that it’s possible to have an absolutely platonic boy-girl friendship. (tanong ng friends nya, “ralph, repeater ka ba? bakit bata pa yang batchmate mo?” hehehe) my friendship with ralph is something extra-ordinary. siguro if i had a soulmate, maybe it would be ralph. (posible kayang maraming soulmates? hehe, just a thought) we’ve fought a lot in the past (sem-long fights, away bata, etc…pang-asar kasi sya, eh i’m so pikon), yet we know that in the worst of times, we could always count on each other. ralph is the 1st friend (not person, syempre i’d call mike muna) i’d always call whenever i have problems/crucial issues. sabi nga naming tatlo nina lalai, we (the three of us) generally love each other. 🙂

sayang, wala si lalai. she’s in butuan now, getting ready for her wedding. si arns naman was in a bridal shower. hp is in the US (sadly, she doesn’t keep in touch…huhuhu)

really glad to have true friends such as these people. actually, mabibilang ko lang talaga ang masasabi kong true friends (whom i could count on tlaga) ko in college: sharon, marie, arvin, dong, ross, jober – of course! (aside from the ones mentioned above. if i forgot to mention some, sorry). kahit na di ko masasabi na lahat ng college batchmates ko eh super friends ko, at least i know that i had and still have true college buds, friendships with whom i shall cherish for life. 🙂


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