sana ganahan na akong mag-aral for tax!

thanks to sir jacinto, who’s now my favorite prof in UP law to date, and to delpher’s trade v CA, one of my favorite cases (ang nerd! haha), i’ve realized that i super love corpo law and was able to have an idea on what i wanna specialize on in my future legal career: estate planning. it’s basically all about how to avoid taxes (mostly estate, donors and capital gains taxes) by arranging the assets in one’s estate (e.g. by transferring them to a corporation that one owns). this is one of the “in” sub-aspects in corpo-tax practice daw these days. (ergo, translation: big big bucks from atty’s fees. haha!) to be able to engage in this, one probably has to have an expert knowledge in the fields of corpo, tax, succession, civil procedure and special procedure. so with this realization, i now know the subjects i have to truly focus on. kaso…

i just finished taking my corpo and succession exams within the last week and i couldn’t exactly say that i slacked off in those 2 subjects. i did my best as i studied for the finals and the entire sem as well (it’s an understatement to say that i studied my butt off) and yet…i don’t know how i fared in those 2 exams. oh well, as they say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. for law school exams, it (the agony) ain’t over till they release the exam results (and/or grades). sometimes kasi, akala mo madali lang and you did pretty well. pag labas ng results, sobrang ngarx pala. kaya i suspend “judgment” na lang till the results come out. (till then, i super pray for mercy…sana naman the profs would be kind in checking).

two days from now naman will be our tax finals. i’m supposed to be studying right now but i’m stalling. i’ve been staring kasi at the bar ops tax reviewer for hours now yet nothing seems to be entering my mind. i like that subject yet sometimes i’m kinda bored with it. maybe because we’ve already studied that for the boards before. but syempre, the treatment is different this time around. so, everytime i read cases (or digests/ratios), it’s like i know alam ko na yan pero bakit parang hindi ko pa pala alam. labo. oh well, i hope i could find the motivation to study for tax. i hope thinking about my desired future specialization would do the trick.

2 thoughts on “sana ganahan na akong mag-aral for tax!

  1. sticky_keynes says:

    ako rin, sana ganahan mag-aral sa tax

    huhu, everything related to tax is so… alien to me. nilayasan ko na nga yung accounting nung college eh! (i dropped my acctg degree to focus on econ) oh well, God bless sa atin tomorrow. =)


    • lobit says:

      Re: ako rin, sana ganahan mag-aral sa tax

      sis, kmusta yung exam kanina? hirap ako sa multiple choice. huhuhu. tsaka alam mo ba yung “all events test”? sana naman ok tayo sa tax. kakahiya pa man din kay ma’am movido.


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