twasn’t so bad after all…

of course i’m not talking about the two finals exams i just took (corpo & succession, more about them later). i’m talking about that brief encounter with my ex. he proxied for an absent groomsman in the wedding entourage. initially, jay & lai were even thinking of making him my partner. (what?!?!?!?) of course it was a big deal, didn’t wanna have any contact whatsoever sana sa kumag (hmmmm…honestly, i don’t really know what kumag means…sarap lang gamitin now. hehe) na yon. that’s why i was really so happy when the super taray wedding coordinator (promise, in my wedding, i’ll get a friendly wedding coordinator para di naman mataranta ang mga bridesmaids) made adam jala (comm 3 classmate ko sya, twas nice to see him again) & me partners. but then again, elaine fajardo (BAA batchmate) was asking me to introduce her to her partner whom she knew to be my ex. of course, she didn’t know naman the entire horrible story and alangan namang i’d make kwento pa on the spot. so wala na lang masyadong ek-ek, i just faced the ex (since he was just 1/4 meter away), and said, “paris si elaine, elaine si paris. partners kayo.” then turned my back. and that’s that. end of story. forever and ever. amen.

the best part of my butuan trip, however, was that meeting with sir te. he was in the same resort we were staying in! (destiny ba ito or what? hahaha. joke lang) he had a leader’s conference for ang lingkod ng Panginoon, their catholic community (same as lalai & jay’s community). wala lang, cool coincidence lang. 🙂

now on to the topics of corpo and succession, grabe the exams were so gruelling! actually, i found the corpo finals better. in that exam though, wala ako masyado legal basis ang mga sagot ko…it’s not a nice feeling when you feel like you studied your butt off the entire sem yet pag dating ng exam, di mo alam kung saan mo pinaghuhuhugot ang mga sinasagot mo. it’s not naman na wala akong masagot. i knew what to answer but i wasn’t able to cite many cases or codal provisions. parang isang case lang ang na-cite ko…2 times pa, my ever favorite reyes v. blouse (actually hindi kasi delpher’s trade ang favorite ko – inspiration for my future career in estate planning…haha!)

speaking of estate planning, thanks to sir jacinto, favorite ko kasi ang corpo. gusto ko rin ang tax. and i found myself liking succession as i studied this sem. as a kid kasi, i was always asking my paternal grandfather our successional lines and i even made a last will and testament when i was 12 years old so feel na feel ko talaga ang subject na ‘to. (yeah, yeah, i was one weird kid, as john fajardo, my current blockmate said when i told him about the last will & testament) and i thought, feel din ako ng succession. but last night when i was taking the exam, i wasn’t so sure of such a thing na. the exam consisted of one situation lang, that involving a very long family tree (of 3 families with inter-marriages) and 10 questions. it’s succession and marami talagang conflicting provisions (heck, the commentators themselves have conflicting POV’s). to make a long story short, there was a particular item na hindi ko alam kung ano talaga ang isasagot (e.g. defend armie’s case, defend jane’s case, defend MTC’s case) so i just wrote bull. grrrr…to think i studied my butt off talaga for this exam (heck, even the folks i met in butuan and my dear mike could attest to that!). grabe, sumakit talaga ang ulo ko after that exam. i have fever na nga now eh!

anyway skyway, corpo and succession are now over. on to tax finals naman. i just have 2 days to study. tonight, magsasagot pa ako ng transpo take home. tomorrow night, i have barkada dinner (sorta despedida for lalai). net, i really just have 2 days to study. so help me God na lang po talaga. sige, till next blog!

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