bloopers again

blooper number one:

was with 2 blockmates & a girl whom i just met. we were waiting for our turn to be advised by our college secretary re: our course load for the upcoming semester. while waiting, we were bantering with each other. since i just met the girl, i wanted us to introduce ourselves to each other. so, i said, “i don’t think we’ve been introduced yet…” (syempre, all smiles pa ako). the reply i got was, “sis kaya kita…” …eeeek, sya pala si joanne chua. grabe, hiyang-hiya ako. alaskado tuloy ako nung 2 kong 3E blockmates.

blooper number two:

was in conspiracy bar last night with friends in my socio-civic org in laguna (gawad san luis). since it was the first time in 5-10 months that i saw everyone again, was making casual chit-chat with everyone. i made this hirit to one of my friends, the one with whom i was closest to in the group, “jober, set-up kaya kita” (i was so pleased with myself pa, i thought i was doing this friend of mine a favor). he replied, “ay, di ko pa pala nasasabi sa yo, kami na ni doreen” (and doreen, also a gawad orgmate, was sitting beside him). wala pa rin akong kadala-dala, i said, “owws…joketime ka naman eh, j-n-joke mo ako. sige nga kung totoo, kiss nga kayo” (kasi naman no, super close naman kami. our friendship’s been through a lot in the past 10 yrs. was expecting na kung totoo nga, he would excitedly tell me something as monumental as that, especially coz he’s never had a relationship yet). fortunately, they were both laughing naman as they replie, “totoo nga, tanong mo sa kanila” and apparently, everyone in the table knew (there were 12 of us). eeeek, kahiya talaga. i felt like hiding inside my clothes.


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