random act of kindness

before going home, i decided to drop by philcoa to withdraw some cash and buy my dinner. as i was getting out of my car, a girl with a kid sister in tow was trying to sell some sampaguita garlands to me. i told her, “sorry wala pa akong pera…ito na lang.” then i gave her a half-full bottle of flavored water. she asked me, “ano ‘to, ate?” i replied, “flavored mineral water.” then she smiled at me. i was touched that her face lightened up with happiness and appreciation even though i was already able to drink from the bottle i gave her.

this makes me recall the game my family & i were playing last nov 1 at the cemetery. our family has this annual tradition kasi of spending the entire day at the san pablo memorial gardens. this year, my mom & i thought of bringing a game called icebreaker, a set of cards with questions meant to enable the group to get to know one another better. one of the questions i was able to pick went something like, “what was the greatest thing of kindness that you’ve done?” nothing really came to mind. i’m not a meanie, but i’m no mother teresa either. so i just answered, “i dunno, maybe those random acts of kindess that i sometimes find myself doing.”

random acts of kindness – unexpected as they are, they’re not really acts that one plans on doing. probably, they don’t really mean much to the one performing it. but to the one on the receiving end, it must have meant a lot. sometimes, one ends up not knowing that he has committed an act of kindness. but tonight, i was blessed enough to know. the little girl’s smile made my night. i’m so thankful to have had that chance to make someone whom i don’t really know smile. i hope God gives me more chances to do just that. 🙂


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