semstarter resolutions

almost everyone has new year’s resolutions. as for me, i have new ones every semester, as i believe every semester is a chance for every student (like me) to start “life” anew.

below are my semstarter resolutions for 2nd sem SY 2006-2007:
1. Have quiet time everyday as much as possible! Pray more often! Be more committed to the church choir (my ministry).
2. Concentrate more on my lessons (listen to the profs more) and procrastinate less!
3. No matter how busy I could be, I should take time off to recharge by:
a. stopping to smell the roses (a.k.a. procrastinating…hehehe or recreation or my little hobbies – mp3s, dvd marathons, tech stuff, singing)
b. helping friends & enjoying their friendships
c. getting in touch with my family more (spend more quality time with them during the vacation)


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