there’s this post-modern saying which goes, “the mature choose between the better and the best.” though i don’t really see myself as mature in most ways, i find myself in such a dilemma right now: having to choose between the better and the best 

for a month or two now, i have been silently but seriously mulling over whether or not i should take the next step in student politics in the College. i have considered factors such as: 
1. my desire to advance my advocacies in various issues (i consider myself not to be a left-wing activist. i am, however, an activist for morality and what is best for the nation and the university in the long run, being the strategic planner that i am) 
2. my capability to balance extra-curricular activities and academics (which will be the first priority, of course!) 
3. my skills as a leader 
4. the student body’s demand for my services 
5. benefits i could derive from the experience (e.g. exposure, contacts, privilege to train younger leaders, who someday will become the country’s leaders as well, the prospect that someday, when I’m GM/CEO/VP for legal affairs or finance of some corporation, someone would remember that I was a good LSG president and tap me to be secretary of either the DTI, DOF, BOI or BIR, which could eventually become a springboard for a bid for the senate) 
6. support from friends & loved ones 

as i pondered on and prayed about these factors vis a vis with the reasons why i turned my back on a promising P&G career (ultimately: to use my corporate and legal training to be able to substantially help in providing solutions for the nation’s (economic) needs – if not today then someday), all the more did I become convinced of running.  i found myself gung-ho about THE next step. i never really spread the word about it though. nor do i open a conversation with this matter as a topic.  i’m now more careful, lest i fall into the trap of the eager-beaver, the fatal mistake i committed way back in college. every now and then, when i’d meet someone along the halls of Malcolm who’d say, “lorybeth for president” or “iboboto kita” i’d just smile saying, “matagal pa ‘yon”, neither confirming nor denying my desire to eventually go for it. 

then again, 2 days ago, i got this text from a very good friend of mine, sharon corpuz, a batchmate in college and a barrister last sem. she asked me, “lobs, 4th yr ka na ba? gusto mo ng –K salary?” (i need to keep the amount secret nga pala). but of course, who wouldn’t want that, right? turns out she was recommending me to be the GM of edge technology corporation, a start-up company, an IT firm and a wi-fi service distributor of PLDT. the work hours will be flexible (possibly from 10 to 3), plus the office is just in libis. she’s currently moonlighting there as an external accountant and was able to discover anomalies which led to the conclusion that the current GM was not performing his tasks. the owner’s decision was to fire him; however having felt he was already about to get fired, the GM resigned, taking with him virtually all of the employees, whose loyalties remained with him.  With that leadership crisis, the GM position is now vacant and they are badly in need of one.

the current status is: i’ve already sent my resume and am waiting for a call for an interview with the owner, who unfortunately got sick. now the dilemma arises. of course, if & when all goes well after the interview, after i lay down my cards in the spirit of transparency with regard to my limitations and mutual expectations, if i accept the offer, i would have to give up the bid for the top post in the student government. (i can’t stretch myself too thinly by serving 2 masters at the same time to the detriment of the company, the student body, my academics and my relationships). it pains my heart to do so. yet, i also have to be practical. i have financial targets to meet (e.g. saving up for the following expenses: bar review, 5th yr in law school, wedding).  besides, being a GM is something that i’ve aspired for, the reason why i am training myself to be multi-skilled.  it’s a way of helping the country (by providing jobs) and touching lives as well. it’s in line with my advocacy for entrepreneurship, as well.  Plus, this particular role seems to be quite challenging.  The company is in the pits right now, it would be such an accomplishment and a huge fulfillment if I were to be instrumental in turning the situation around.  admittedly, i had foreseen myself assuming this role in the distant future pa. just when i was already able to accept that my professional life will be at a standstill in my 4 or 5 years of pursuing the study of law, just when i now no longer turn green with envy (not even with a slight tinge) when i hear of peers that are now AVP’s for finance or CFO’s of corporations, who knew that such an opportunity would be opening up this early in my life? wouldn’t i be foolish not to grab the opportunity? it’s not everyday that something like this comes along, isn’t it?

for now, the dilemma remains largely hypothetical. After all, i still have to receive a call and get interviewed.  Afterwards, the deal has yet to be closed. I still have to evaluate and compare the short & long-term impacts of both choices.  So more or less, status quo remains: i still work for M2Cash and i am still a potential candidate for law student government president.  nonetheless, lots of thinking, prayers and searching for God’s will is now entailed.   i believe, whichever His will is for me, the path towards that option will be smooth. 




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