madness in malcolm

last friday, instead of malcolm madness, madness ensued in malcolm hall.  below are details of what took place.  as factually recalled as much as possible:
2:30pm or so – students in malcolm hall were being asked to leave for confidential reasons.  there were lots of security personnel.  BOR & other key people in the university admin arrived siguro before that.  (couldn’t really tell when they arrived).  later, word started floating around that the BOR moved their meeting there.  we in the LSG didn’t even know.  but i believe faye got a call to help secure the perimeter.  in the interest to secure the college (safety of students preparing for malcolm madness & sabi baka nga may mga mambasag ng mga bote, whatever), she asked for help din sa mga willing and able-bodied guys (kaya pagkakaalam ko, tumawag sya kina chicco)
the BOR moved their meeting to malcolm hall probably twas because they couldn’t push through with their meeting sa Quezon Hall, they couldn’t get through because of human barricades.  syempre gusto ng anti-TFI groups na magkaroon ng failure sa meeting. 
siguro, paranoid measures nga yung masyadong maraming security at mag-anticipate ng kung anu-ano pang threats.  but i couldn’t really blame them.  maybe, they were just reacting to a previous incident where chancellor gerry cao’s car got “attacked” after giving the admin’s viewpoint in a convocation for TFI. (yon, attack talaga kasi allegedly pinupukpok daw ng mga anti-tfi groups, sinubukang sirain ang side mirror at gulong.  ang version ng USC: tina-tap lang daw and nag-desist nung pinagsabihan)
3:30pm or so – anti-TFI rallyists arrived, they were rallying sa may law parking and sa may tapat ng sunken and front entrance ng malcolm.  unti pa lang ang rallyists na andun.  but we when we asked the police, sabi nila they were anticipating 3,000.  relatively, peaceful pa ang atmosphere sa malcolm then though abnormal.  sarado na ang front door ng malcolm.  walang pinapayagang pumasok sa 2nd floor.  

5:00pm or so – the BOR left through the side entrance.  we were thinking, since umalis na sila, baka naman umalis na rin ang rallyists at pwede nang ituloy ang malcolm madness.  some sophomores were texting their apprehensions about  continuing malcolm madness.
6:00pm or so – people were still practicing in malcolm theater.  pero nag-r-request na ang freshmen na hwag ituloy since their batchmates, fearing the situation in the college, couldn’t make it na.  nancy (madness organizer), faye, ria & i were in the OCS deliberating on whether or not we ought to postpone malcolm madness.  bigla na lang, nakarinig kami ng ingay ng mga rallyists.  labas kami ng OCS para sumugod sa scene, andun na sila sa door ng malcolm theater.  apparently, they broke open the front door (kahit may guards na andun, ganun sila kalakas).  yung iba, pumasok through the sides.  nagsisisigaw sila na kesyo niloko raw sila at pinagtataksilan.  nambibintang sila na tinatago raw natin ang BOR.  meron pang nagtatatakbo at sumisigaw ng “rebolusyon! rebolusyon!” (i personally don’t know and couldn’t figure out what exactly that person was thinking)
we saw peach and PJ Alix of the law center sa may door ng theater.  peach was shouting that the BOR wasn’t there, asking them to leave.  in trying to ward off the rallyists from going inside the malcolm theater, she got was able to get into an argument with some rallyists and the SR.  she got pushed to the door once and then another time by more of the rallyists.  faye stepped in and an initially adversarial dialogue took place between her and the SR.  tsaka palang naniwala ang SR na wala na nga ang BOR dun.  tsaka pa lang nya pinaalis ang mga tao.  

ayan, i tried to make the account as factual as possible.  but personally, disappointed ako.  siguro dahil kilala ko yung ibang organizers.  around 4pm, nagtext yung isa sa akin na papunta na raw malcolm yung mga nag-h-human barricade na anti-tfi groups, i asked a couple of ’em to ensure na walang untoward incident na mangyari at peaceful lang ang lahat coz syempre we’re awfully concerned about the welfare of the college. syempre, oo naman ‘tong ka-text ko, sure daw yon.  tapos around 6pm, they’d charge in and push a student pa to the door when she said na wala ang BOR inside the malcolm theater. 
ang sabi sa akin ng nakausap ko right after the entire incident, wala naman raw ill intent ang rallyists.  i agree.  but sa ‘kin lang, baka dapat naisip ng mga organizers (SR, USC) since sanay naman sila sa mga rallies, na whenever emotions are high and there’s a considerable number of people in the group, tendency is chaos and mob rule na talaga yan.  dapat nung napansin nilang nagkakainitan na, bago pa nangyari ang pushing incident, bago pa sinira ang pinto ng malcolm, they stepped in na. 
my situation is super difficult.  among the organizers of that rally is one of my most beloved sisses.  re: peach naman, we’ve had rough patches time and again.  we’re civil now but we’re not best friends not even in a plastic sortaway pa rin.  still, this doesn’t make the incident any less wrong.  di ko kakampihan ang mga rallyists na yan at ang mga leaders nila.  i will be vocal in expressing my disgust for their acts, and will be one with my co-EBs in taking appropriate action. 

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