twas mike’s bday yesterday and a year since our first date (time flies so fast!).  i surprised him with a party last tuesday night.  his reaction was so endearing.  he obviously wasn’t expecting that i’d pull off such a thing for him.  🙂  i also gave him a lightsphere for his camera’s speedlight.  again, he wasn’t expecting it, di raw nya akalaing i would go to quiapo alone (well, i wasn’t really alone, was accompanied by emma, girlfriend of jojit, mike’s best pal in the office)

we went to tagaytay yesterday.  we didn’t really spend much time together there since he was with his officemates (office christmas party nila).  i spent most of the day with emma.  we went hung out at starbucks then spent most of the afternoon in tagaytay’s ukay-ukay store.  was able to buy 3 complete outfits.  ang cool nga dun eh, daming great finds.  🙂

we spent time together this morning din.  had brunch, watched borat (funny, but not as funny as i expected), had a LOST marathon (na medyo natulugan ko), cuddled for a bit while reminiscing.  i asked him, “so do you see me ba in your future?” ang sagot, “yes of course!”. i asked further, “so what do you see?”  his reply was, “ikaw, ako, tayong dalawa.  wedding.  wala munang kids. mga after 1 or 2 yrs pa.  you do your lawyer stuff, i do my photography stuff.”  marunong na sya sumagot ngayon.  hehehe.  wala lang, happy lang ako.  🙂


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