i loved this evening’s new year’s eve worship service in my homechurch, CAP.  there was a “different” ceremony at the end of the service, where we burned pieces of paper on which things we wanted to do away with were written.  it was followed with a prayer and our entire church singing the benediction.  (i really love how the entire CAP congregation sings “the Lord bless you & keep you” in SATB, ha!).  tito willy padolina (a former DOST sec and one of my dad’s church friends) played the violin, his son-in-law (ling’s hubby) played auld lang syne on bagpipes and tita tina padolina (who’s the chancellor of the UP Open U) gave a nice message about God’s fireworks.  she made this analogy between Christians and fireworks: God is the fuel which causes christians to spread His love to all (even to the undesirable). 

it is with the main idea of that meditation that i enumerate the following things that i’m looking forward to in ’07:

1.  law school – ang matapos ang civpro (at iba ko pang subjects) ng maluwalhati, 4th yr na ako the sem after this one!
2.  lsg – i might take the next step.  we’ll see a  couple of weeks from now.  it’s not easy being a student leader, but it certainly gives me a lot of fulfillment, knowing i could be in a position to make positive differences in processes, paradigms and people lives. 
3.  new job – i’ll be taking on a challenging role – sales/marketing director of a start-up company: edge technology corporation, distributor of pldt my dsl, smart broadband & airborne access.  also a way of advancing my advocacy: promoting entrepreneurship, helping strengthen SME’s.
4.  stronger relationships – with God, with mike, with my mom and sister, friends (bestfriends, closefriends, blockmates, sisses, churchmates, colleagues in school and at work) and relatives.  having a relationship is not easy.  it entails a lot of hard work, humility, commitment, love, and quality time, which one should make despite other priorities.  but relationships are most important.  no man is an island; i’m not one either.  my relationships are what make my life worth living, my pursuits worth pursuing.
5.  more maturity – i have a lot more room to grow – spiritually, emotionally, academically, professionally.  i want grow more Christ-like each day and so i could eventually be the person God wants me to be.  i still have a lot of personal struggles, attitudes and habits that i ought to get rid of and i know there will be a lot of hurdles to deal with in ’07.  but with God’s guidance and provision, i look forward to lessons learned coupled with successes (which may come in various forms).  
6.  being God’s firework – i look forward to being a blessing to those whose lives God would want me to touch.  i will continue to be involved in the music ministry.  (choir mainly and band kung kaya ng time).  i look forward to being involved in causes and endeavors He directs me to pursue.  

i truly look forward to 2007.  i hope i could be one bright firework for the Lord this year.  🙂


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