Here’s the 2nd draft…(tnx to emme, mel, jill, lp anna, lora & jhoe for inputs!)


PREMISE:  Each student of the UP College of Law is a future leader of the nation, in his or her own right. 


VISION:  As the College equips each student with the legal knowledge that he/she could use in his/her own field, the LSG will complement the aforesaid by providing logistical & recreational support that would help ensure that each one’s stay in the College is more bearable.  Furthermore, the LSG should be able to help equip the future leaders of the nation, who are currently UP Law students, with opportunities to hone their leadership skills while in the College, as well as by further training them in organizational development


MISSION:   To support the organizational development and current logistical needs of future leaders in the UP College of Law.

o        Internal: Help give them logistical support during their stay in the College.

o        External: Even as present students of the UP College of Law, they could exercise leadership and make their voices heard to those outside the UP Law community.




1.        Organizational Board – Convention of all the heads of all UP Law Based Fraternities, Sororities and Organizations, objectives of which will be:

o        Unity

o        More Efficient Information Dissemination / Communication Tree (alternative to the GA)

o        Sharing of Resources


2.        Registration Volunteer Corps – Ad hoc committee to aid the College in increasing efficiency of the Enrollment Process.


3.        Chacha: Amendment of the LSG Constitution, objectives of which will be:

o        Study and refine vaguely-construed provisions (e.g. controversy re: holding concurrent positions)

o        Elect year-level representatives as part of the EB


4.        Logistical Support for the Student Body and the rest of the members of the LSG Executive Board

                                                   i.      Increased presence of the LSG Grievance Desk (via a suggestion box or LSG hotline number and/or email ad)

                                                  ii.      Increased committee presence

                                                iii.      Water Supply

                                                iv.      Wider Wifi Access (pending Admin approval)

                                                 v.      Follow through of Wikipedia Project

                                                vi.      Follow through of the renovation of the LSG Room

                                              vii.      Support in Recreational Activities & Services of Malcolm Hall (e.g. via increased centralization & more coordination of various offices)



1.        SOPI’s (SOP’s in Issues) – In cooperation with the National Affairs Committee

                                                   i.      College Assemblies/Forums/Colloquiums (in cooperation with professors)

                                                  ii.      Freedom Wall – Students jot down one-liners / two re: their stands in issues

                                                iii.      EB consolidates and drafts the stand (the GA may join or make a separate statement if they wish to do so)

                                                iv.      Next steps as necessary (FGD’s, demonstrations if necessary)

2.        LTS: Leadership Training Seminar – Objective: To train all future public and private sector leaders in the UP College of Law (timing: at least one this school year or one per sem or 1 talk per month)

3.        Career Guidance Office – Spin-off from CLAP (Careers in Law Assistance Program)

4.        Conflicts of Law and other ALSP activities – Support for liaisons with other schools (see

5.        Outreach Arm – For emergencies, calamities and other necessities



2 thoughts on “My GPOA

  1. tamethewaves says:


    Is it possible to work with the admin to have mics in big classrooms like Rm. 200? Or to have recycle bins and regularly held paper drives for our unused cases? And Grievance Desk!!!!!


    • lobit says:

      tnx emme! yung mics, sure…workable naman yon…although, kelangan pa rin itago sa loob ng OCS/dean’s office at kuhanin each time gagamitin (kasi college property). re: the grievance desk, i-a-add ko na sya sa revised version. 🙂 re: the newspaper drive, pwedeng kasama na ‘yon sa “& other necessities” under outreach arm. 🙂 pwede ring kasama sa GPOA ng treasurer.


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