insomnia attack

i can’t sleep.  hence another blog entry of various goings on in my life…

1.  my college bestfriend & i both won as president in our respective law student councils.  ralph’s victory, though, was sweeter compared to mine.  while i ran vs abstain, he ran vs this opponent whose camp resorted to mudslinging.  they were imputing something on him just because we were bestfriends.  once more, our friendship was put on the line.  good thing solid naman kami ni ralph.  (ang “galing” naman…kilala na pala ang pangalan ko sa school nila without me having to lift a finger.  bad trip, gusto ko pa man din sana dun mag bar review para low profile at silent lang ang existence ko. but no, very slim chance that such a thing’s possible now)

i think it’s so cool and uncanny that we both seem to traverse the same path.  though i think after law school, mag-d-digress na yung similar paths na yon.  

2.  spent the entire weekend being an extra-curricular kid once more.  saturday night, gave moral support to my speed dating recruits & sisses in our sorority’s 1st speed-dating event.  today, cheered UP law athletes on in conflicts of law (an inter-law school sports event).  finally, the weekend was capped with the conflicts party at greenhouse.

on our way back from lyceum (venue of today’s games) to greenhouse, had a chat with my friend/former blockmate nick, his gf & my sis/batchmate, val & kc, another sis/former blockmate.  it opened my eyes to the status of athletics in UP law and the vision that they have. 

3.  on deck for 4 meetings in a row – i guess i’m on a roll in civpro.  along with mike (not my bf, but another mike who’s my blockmate) and rex, i’ve been reciting subpoena (rule 21) until refusal to comply with modes of discovery (rule 29).  grabe, such a long period to recite!  not to mention that ma’am avena’s malupit sa topic na ito.  pero di na bale, at least modes of discovery expert na kami.  hehehe.


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