sick, sick, sick!

i’m supposed to watch my sorority batchmate, tere, in araneta coliseum tonight as she vies for the binibining pilipinas crown.  but no…i’m sick!!! waaaahhhh….sayang, i already have a ticket pa man din.  😦  

i hate it when i’m sick coz it’s not as if my whole world stops turning…although i’m forced to slow down and stop moving about.  grrrrrr.  and i’m alone pa in the house right now.  my housemates went to the mall, and mike is in bohol in an outing with his former company.  so i’m all alone.  i can’t study (kasi futile effort rin), can’t work (coz i get tired).  i just wanna sleep (and for now, update this blog & check my mail…grabe, saglit pa lang ako gumagamit ng computer, my eyes are so strained na).  

i just wish i’d get well soon.  lots of tasks to do pa!  i don’t wanna get backlogged again!

to do: 
1. study civpro
2. catch up with acads backlog – PIL, proj devt (as for spec pro, i promise to read spec pro, transpo & consti stuff this summer at least for the bar!)
3. legal opinion for danny con re: lessee’s right to redeem property in an extrajudicial foreclosure (guess what, i’m danny con’s newest RA)
4.  letter to answer GSIS’s demand / eviction letter for ate au 
5.  meet up with ms nelia to update the m2cash projected / budgeted v actual income statement – i have to do this tomorrow coz she’s not available daw on tuesday due to a PICPa seminar.  argh.
6. GA tomorrow
7. sir camacho’s bday dinner tomorrow
8. visit mommygran in the hospital (she’s back in veterans, confined anew due to fluid in her lungs)

waaahhhh…so much to do, so little time and so little energy.  (i think i need to do something i haven’t been doing for the longest time: take vitamins & exercise)


3 thoughts on “sick, sick, sick!

  1. _artistmonk_ says:

    waah! Saan sa Boyhol sina Mike? 😀

    Oh, and sometimes, we get sick because we do need to slow down every now and then. 😉 Don’t worry… damihan lang ang pag-inom ng fluids.. and yeah, MSG can complicate a fever. 😀


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