a quiet engagement

mike popped the “will you marry me” question to me this morning.  of course, i said yes.  🙂  tonight, we prayed about it and lifted the matter to God. 

we don’t have a date yet.  though offhand, it’ll be during the sem before i graduate from law school.  it’ll just be a small & simple wedding.  so i doubt if i could invite a lot of people…probably just family and a handful of best friends.

twas a no frills proposal (he just asked the Q, i asked him if he was serious or baka napipilitan lang).  ring to follow pa.  but who cares?  i’m not really a materialistic person (exception: techy gadgets…hehe).  i believe super di rin ako maarte and i’m really low-maintenance.  BUT, i demand fidelity and devotion lang.  yun lang naman.  hehe. 

though there’s no ring yet.  at least, the first real step had been taken na, right?  we’re now officially engaged.  now, we have the business of talking about marriage and future plans.  🙂

i’m so happy (contained happiness…hehe…finals week eh).  i know this is a big step, especially for mike.  i’m proud of him because he has conquered his commitment issues.  at kung may mga occasional errrr  occasions of cold feet, at least,  we’re here to address each other’s issues.

we have yet to tell our folks.  (syempre they won’t get mad naman, he’s 32, i’m 27.  tanggap naman ang relationship namin in each other’s families.  my mom expressly said tanggap nya si mike.  i know i’m welcome in his family.  pero knowing mike, siguro bbwelo muna yon before telling his folks.  bunso kasi eh)  and i haven’t even told my bestfriends yet.  (inuna ang blog)  so…till then, this entry will be on private settings (or for friends…or public settings na nga!…depending on what i click…WON i could contain it.  hehe).  and till then, for those who get to read, please don’t make kwento na lang about it muna.  🙂   

(when i have more time, i’ll make kwento in person.  till then, have fun reading!)


15 thoughts on “a quiet engagement

  1. malourdes says:

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations, sis!!!

    I could just imagine how you are feeling right now… overwhelmed? Mixture of giddiness and nervousness and uncertainty? I’ve been through that too, hehe… make sure you both take your time, and tama, pray about it muna.



    • lobit says:

      thanks sis! actually, di masyado nag-sink in nung simula (kasi nga naman, nag-propose sya nung wkend before finals), but now everytime we talk about it, i feel really happy. everytime i’m alone and when i pray & thank God for my blessings, i know that we made & are making the right choice (to be with each other for the rest of our lives…sheesh, mushy!). 🙂 and now, i understand more kung bakit di naging kami nung mga what-could-have-been guys ko before. 🙂 everything does work out for the good. and i so thank God for how he’s worked out things between mike & me. i feel medyo relaxed pa kasi matagal pa naman yung wedding (wala pang definite date, but malamang next year during my 5th yr sa law). so as of now, wala pa namang jitters. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:


    di ko alam to ah. congrats nga ba? hehe. at least you’re happy. if you want a wedding in LB i can give you my suppliers contact nos. lam mo naman super mega budgeted din ako. enjoy your single status muna. ako nga ilang days na lang. feeling ko di ko pa masulit.



    • lobit says:

      Re: uuyyy

      unti pa lang talaga pinagsasabihan ko eh! oo, congrats talaga! 🙂 di na pala kita na-update but since the time that we resolved our issues (which was almost a year ago), mike & i have been really okay. i have 4 words to describe how we have been for almost a year now (that’s not counting the 1st 6months of our relationship na siguro, adjustment period): simple & easy yet fun & exciting. and since our relationship is like that, both of us could indulge in other productive & worthwhile endavours (career, social involvement, etc). since we don’t stifle each other, there’s room for growth and it’s so nice coz we’re each other’s support group in almost all (if not all) aspects of life. 🙂 i’m really blessed to have him in my life. and i’m sure the feeling’s mutual!


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