procrastion 101

kung may subject lang sana na procrastination 101, maybe i’d be a whiz at it.  i could even teach it!  lalagyan ko ng portion about multi-tasking, about sleeping / blogging / friendstering when you should be studying….

…which reminds me, i better get back to studying…eeek, civpro na tomorrow.  sheeeesh, i’m so kabado.  still have to master appeals, provisional remedies, go back to depositions, MSJ, MJP, pre-midterms stuff, read (as in di ko pa talaga nababasa!) special civil actions…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! (no exag, that’s how i feel right now, ganyan kahabang waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

i better get down to it na!

(so ironic, i just get soooo inis ako pag may interruptions – unwanted phone calls / texts pag may inuutos na nakaka-distract sa pag-aaral, surprise errands…arggghhhh…pero when i procrastinate, i seem to forget the pressure lang…so nice to get lost in this world of procrastination…nuninu…but i better get back to reality…now na!)

last na lang. joke muna before i go back to studying. question: if you were to be a group of rules in the rules of court, which rules would you be? (pag-isipan mo tapos ask me, “ikaw what rules would you be?”) answer ko: rules 40-45…kasi they’re all about…APPEAL! bwahahaha! (crazy corny pathetic lawyer / law student joke!) waaaahhhh…aral na talaga ako!


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