sana payagan…

Dear Rudi,
Really sorry to be disturbing your vacation but could I schedule a meeting with you when you return? 
Also, would like to request for a three-week leave from May 15 till June 1.  Due to my grandmother’s sickness, my family is in dire financial straits.  Thus, we need to sell some of our property in Mindanao.  I have been tasked to take charge of ocular inspection & to oversee the transactions (being the eldest grand child and the family’s accountant and budding lawyer, I’m afraid I don’t really have much of a choice).  Since the property is scattered in several localities (Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, Surigao City, Banbanon in Surigao del Norte, Davao City & Tagum in Davao del Norte), I will be needing 2 weeks to go around & do the necessary negotiations, plus one week of preps (before I leave for Mindanao) to gather the necessary TCT’s & tax declarations for the properties. During that week, however, I really would like to request a meeting with you.
I’m really sorry to request for such leave over the email.  I would have wanted to talk to you in person, as I deem it more proper to do so.  However, time is of the essence and I know I need to give sufficient lead time to inform you about my intention to take such leave.  Rest assured that even though I will be on leave, I will still be completing the necessary documentation & coordinating with Jecelle, billing & payments head of the Finance department. 
Hoping for your understanding,

\n\u003cdiv\> \u003c/div\>\n\u003cdiv\>\u003cbr clear\u003d\”all\”\>\u003cbr\>– \u003cbr\>Lorybeth R. Baldrias, CPA\u003cbr\>President, UP Law Student Government (AY 2007-2008)\u003cbr\>UP Law Class 2009\u003cbr\>\u003cbr\>Finance & (Acting) Operations Manager, M2Cash Corporation \u003c/div\>\n\u003c/span\>”,0]



Lorybeth R. Baldrias, CPA
President, UP Law Student Government (AY 2007-2008)
UP Law Class 2009

Finance & (Acting) Operations Manager, M2Cash Corporation


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